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Do you want to buy a road bike? Compare, choose and buy men's or women's road bikes quickly and easily. Enjoy touring the local countryside or racing in mountainous terrain on a road bike. We have plenty of choice when it comes to road bikes, a nice beginner's road bike or a high-end racing bike - we have a custom bike for everyone. Even if you're looking for a nice road bike deal, we're sure to have something for you in our road bike outlet.

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Cube Attain SL

BMC Roadmachine 01 Four
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Trek Emonda SL 7

Batavus Atmos 5.1
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Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc
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Batavus Atmos 5.2
949,- 899,-

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What kind of road bikes are there?

A good road or racing bike is a bike that really suits you. Not only the frame size of your road bike, but also the material and the parts. For example, do you want the lightest and stiffest road bike? Then you need a carbon road bike. If you don't want to spend too much money then an aluminium road bike is the right choice. 

It is also very important to know what you want to do with it. A road bike that you race with is of course very different from a road bike for a Sunday ride in its time. But also the terrain on which you are going to ride is important in your choice for a type of road bike. The time of just tight asphalt is long gone. Gravel bikes and cyclocrossers, for example, are becoming more and more common. There you can even cross the rougher paths where you used to see only mountain bikes.

Road Bikes for Women

Some women can’t quite get comfortable on a road bike which has originally been designed for men. This is why over the last few years, more and more women’s road bikes have become available. The geometry of these bikes is slightly different and more tailored to suit the female physique. Female riders currently using a men’s road bike who suffer from bike-related injuries or pains might benefit from considering a women-specific road bike.

Time trial bikes

Everything about a time trial bike is aimed at getting you going as fast as possible on a road bike. The frame is often nice and narrow and also has a special shape to guide the wind as favourably as possible. On a time trial bike you are bend forward all the way. This can take some getting used to when you are on a time trial bike for the first time. The frame is also very stiff and the rims are often nice and high. In the top models those wheels are even made of carbon. A time trial bike is not the lightest type of bike. That's because there's more time to gain with aerodynamics than with a slightly lighter frame.

Fitness bikes

A fitness bike is a very sporty bike that looks a lot like a road bike. But the frame and the straight handlebars are made in such a way that you are a lot more comfortable on it. So you won't be bend over in the drops like with a road bike. With a fitness bike you can cycle a day trip at a higher pace. You sit relatively upright and thanks to the straight handlebars you stay in control. A fitness bike is also often called a hybrid bike. But as soon as you talk about a hybrid bike it's a bike with mudguards and often also a luggage carrier.

Electric road bikes

The electric road bike is on the rise. These are racing bikes that, in the angled tube, have a battery that drives a middle motor. In most good electric road bikes you hardly see that there is a motor in there. Shifting gears is like you are used to with a derailleur. The frame is almost the same as with road bikes without a motor. Only the angled tube is a bit thicker to make room for the battery.

Gravel bikes

A gravel bike is made for more challenging terrain. Where you used to find only mountain bikes in the woods nowadays you see gravel bikes more and more often. But they are mainly made for road use with (very) bad road conditions). Most gravel bikes have a frame that you also see on endurance road bikes. You sit fairly upright and comfortable. A gravel bike often has wider tyres or at least room for wider tyres. 32, 35 and even 40 mm tyres are quite normal on a gravel bike. Those wide tyres can be ridden at a very low tyre pressure. 4 bar or even less no less than normal on this type of road bike. Thanks to that low tyre pressure they even out the bad road surface perfectly. Making a gravel bike even more comfortable. To make room for those wide road bike tyres, a gravel road bike always has disc brakes. A gravel bike is also quite stiff and often has extra strong wheels.


A cyclocrosser looks a lot like a gravel bike. Here too there is room enough for extra wide tyres. A cyclocrosser is made to ride in the woods and through the fields. What once was the traditional terrain of mountain bikes. A cyclocrosser almost always has disc brakes. The advantage is that, just like gravel bikes, you can use wide tyres because you have more space in the frame.