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Kids bikes


Want to buy a kids bike? You can't learn to ride a bike early enough, that's why there are kids bikes even for the smallest ones. It is important that you get the right bike for your child. Want to know the right size? Then start from your child's body height. We offer kids bikes for boys and girls of popular brands such as Alpina, Sparta, Bulls, Batavus, Loekie and more, all of which are available in different models and sizes. For the sporty young cyclists we offer kids road and mountain bikes.

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Puky LR M
69,99 62,99

Puky Fitsch Tricycle
59,99 49,95

Puky LR 1L
79,99 71,99

Puky Wutsch Balance Bike
49,99 44,95

Cube Acid 200

Puky LR 1BR
89,99 79,99

Alpina Mood 26 inch
509,- 459,-

Batavus Snake 24
449,- 399,-

Alpina Mood 24 inch
509,- 449,-

Alpina Brave 16 inch
259,- 219,-

Batavus Snake 26 48cm
459,- 399,-

Alpina Comet J16
219,- 189,-

Batavus Snake 26
459,- 399,-

Pegasus Avanti 3 24 inch
649,- 399,-

Alpina Brave 20 Inch
279,- 249,-

Cortina U4 Mini Solid J24
459,- 399,-

Alpina Ocean 20 inch
389,- 349,-

Pegasus Avanti 3 20 Inch
649,95 399,-

Pegasus Prima 18
209,- 179,-

Pegasus Prima 16
199,- 169,-

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Shopping for a kids bike? Here's what to consider when choosing the best bicycle for your child.

Children's bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. They're all small, but that doesn't mean you can't get overwhelmed by the huge selection. The final choice for you and your child ultimately depends on height and personal taste, but also on functionality and budget. We can roughly divide our range of children's bicycles into three categories.

Which kids bikes are suitable as a starter bike?

A kids bike of between 12 and 16 inches is perfect as a first bicycle for your child. These are the smallest bicycles in our range. They feature cheerful colour schemes and are almost always equipped with training wheels. These are all ideal for children who are between 94 and 110 centimeters tall beginner's bicycles. These children's bicycles are stable and safe with both a back-pedal and hand-operated brake. This way your little one is well prepared for the dangers of the bicycle path. Beginners bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a cool boy's bike or a bike for your daughter? We have something for everyone.

Which bicycles are suitable for my child to take to school?

Children's bicycles between 20 and 26 inches are perfect for your child to use for their commute to school. These bikes look more like adult models and they are equipped with a pannier rack.

Which children's bicycles are intended for sportier use?

Sports brands like Giant and Bulls know how much fun cycling in the forest is. That's why they also build mountain bikes for children, starting from a 20 inch wheel size. With v-brakes, or even disc brakes ,and up to 21 gears, no hill is too high and no valley too deep. Road cycling can also be discovered at a young age. Giant and Gitane both have a complete road model in their range. Both lightweight, as well as also fast and manoeuvrable.