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Kids bikes


Want to buy a kids bike? You can't learn to ride a bike early enough, hence we have kids bikes even for the smallest ones. It is important that you get the right bike for your child. Want to know the right size? Then start from your child's body height. We offer kids bikes for boys and girls of popular brands such as Alpina, Sparta, Bulls, Batavus, Loekie and more, all of which are available in different models and sizes. For the sporty young cyclists we offer kids road and mountain bikes.

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Cube Acid 240

RRP 499,-

Cube Acid 200

RRP 429,-

BMC Twostroke AL 24

RRP 849,-

Frog Bikes Frog 44

RRP 515,-

Cube Acid 200 Disc

RRP 529,-

Cube Cubie 160

RRP 439,-

Cube Cubie 160 RT

RRP 389,-

Cortina U4 Mini R3 J26

RRP 579,-

Alpina Yabber 18 inch

RRP 329,-
From 289,-

Cube Cubie 160

RRP 429,-

Alpina Clubb 26 inch

RRP 519,-

Alpina Ocean 20 inch

RRP 399,-
From 339,-

Alpina Trial 18 inch

RRP 359,-

Alpina Trail 22 inch

RRP 449,-

Cortina U4 Mini R3 J24

RRP 559,-

Pegasus Primo Lite 16

RRP 349,-

Alpina Girlpower 16 inch

RRP 279,-

Alpina Yabber 20 Inch

RRP 429,-

Alpina Trail 16 inch

RRP 339,-

Alpina Ocean 18 inch

RRP 339,-

Puky LR M Classic

RRP 109,-

Alpina Trail 20 Inch

RRP 439,-

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Kids Bikes | Many models & sizes for children

There comes a time when you have to let your child go to primary or secondary school alone. Of course, if they cannot do this on foot, they will need a good and safe children's bike. When buying a children's bike, many questions can come to mind. Below are the most frequently asked questions that are going to help you find the ideal bike for your child!

What size children's bike does my child need?

Of course, it is difficult to find the right size children's bike for your son or daughter. After all, children grow quickly, so they may need a new, bigger bike in the blink of an eye. On our website, you can easily filter the size of bike that fits your child. The size of a child's bike is often indicated by the wheel size in inches. With us, you can find children's bikes of the following sizes: When choosing a size for your child's bike, keep in mind that he or she will probably grow a lot. A size too big is probably not a bad idea!

How do I choose the right size children's bike?

There are several ways to choose the size bike for your child. A commonly used method is to match the size of children's bike to your child's clothing size. This is a very convenient method because almost all parents know their child's clothing size. The biggest advantage is that the transition of clothing sizes in children is synchronised with the transition with a different bike size. Thus, on our website you can filter by the following clothing sizes: There can, of course, be slight discrepancies between a child's clothing size and bicycle size. If in doubt, we recommend you come to one of our bike stores to test children's bikes.

Do you also have girls' bikes and boys' bikes?

Of course, we also have boys' bikes and girls' bikes. We have a wide range of children's bikes for both boys and girls. Boys' bikes have a different frame type than girls' bikes. Girls' bikes are usually smaller in size and have a low-entry frame, making it easier to get on.

Which braking system is best for my child?

All the children's bikes we offer come with high-quality and very safe brakes. However, there are differences between the braking systems on children's bikes. For example, you can choose children's bikes with: Which braking system suits your child best is entirely up to preference. While hydraulic disc brakes are the strongest, coaster brakes are generally easier to operate for children.

How many gears does my child need?

We offer children's bikes with different gears. More gears can come in handy when your child bikes to school in a hilly area. After all, with more gears, that little hill on the way to school is easier to cycle onto. More gears do mean more maintenance and more that can break down. So the question is whether you want this for a children's bike. With us, you can buy children's bikes with the following amount of gears:

Are there also bikes available for toddlers and babies?

You can't start cycling early enough. We also have a great range of balance bikes for the smallest children. A balance bike develops a child's locomotor system and sense of braking, steering and speed. Balance bikes are often adjustable and can therefore be used for many years. We have cool balance bikes with a mountain bike look, but we also have very elegant balance bikes with beautiful bright colours. There is something for every child!

Which brand of children's bike is the best?

This, of course, is difficult to answer. In fact, all the brands we offer on our website are of high quality. It all depends on your preference and how much money you want to spend on a children's bike. The children's bike brands we offer include:

Are there any sports bikes for children?

Of course, we also have kids' road bikes and kids' mountain bikes. The earlier your child gets on a mountain bike or road bike, the better they will become. Although, of course, with kids it should be more about fun. Well, our bikes will do just that. Our kids road bikes and mountain bikes are of very high quality, so you can be sure that you can send your child safely on the road or into the woods!