Bike Maintenance

With sufficient bike maintenance you can preserve the beauty and condition of your bike for a long time. Whether you're just lubricating your chain, replacing your brake oil, or maybe even upgrading your entire groupset, we have all the bicycle maintenance products you need: from torque wrenches to bike-specific toolkits. Other bike maintenance products are also included in our range, such as cleaning and care products. In need of a proper workstand for your bike? We've got those too!
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Squirt Lube

RRP 13,62
From 12,95
Our choice of chain wax
Mantel's choice

CyclOn Bionet Degreaser

RRP 14,95
From 10,95
Our choice for a chain degreaser
Mantel's choice

BBB Cycling Torque wrench BTL-73

RRP 79,95
Our choice of torque wrench for the DIYer
Mantel's choice

Muc-Off Bike Cleaner

RRP 18,25
From 14,95
Our choice of cleaning product
Mantel's choice

BBB Cycling Toolbox Allround BTL-91

RRP 225,-
Our choice for an all-round tool box
Mantel's choice

Trivio Expert Bike Repair Stand

RRP 129,99
Our choice for a repair stand for minor maintenance
Mantel's choice

Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Cleaner

RRP 39,99
From 29,50
Our choice of chain cleaner
Mantel's choice

CyclOn Assembly Paste

RRP 17,95
Our choice for high-end assembly paste
Mantel's choice

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit

RRP 118,95
Our choice for a maintenance kit
Mantel's choice

Muc-Off Pressure Washer

RRP 219,99
Our choice for a pressure washer for your sports bike
Mantel's choice

BBB Cycling Missing link pliers Linkfix BTL-77

Our choice for a MissingLink pliers
Mantel's choice

BBB Cycling BracketKit BTL-95 Bottom Bracket Tool

RRP 114,-
Our choice for a complete set to replace your bottom bracket
Mantel's choice

Magura Servicekit

RRP 33,-

CyclOn Essential Pack

RRP 37,50

CyclOn Bike Cleaner

RRP 13,95
From 12,95

Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool Multi Tool

RRP 36,99
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Perform your own bike maintenance

Bike maintenance is something you can easily do yourself. Bike maintenance can even be fun to do as long as you’ve got access to good bike tools and bike maintenance products. Maintaining your own bicycle can save you a lot of money. You could then spend this money on nice bike upgrades, which you can then fit yourself. A true win-win!

Bike tools

Before you can perform your own bike maintenance, you must first get your hands on good tools. If you really want to do everything yourself, you’ll often need specific tools for bikes. This includes bike tools needed to replace your cassette or to remove cranks from the frame.

Bike tools for your groupset

The drivetrain or groupset of your road bike or mountain bike is often the part on which you’ll have to perform the most regular maintenance. This is why we have a large range of specialist bike tools to make sure you can work on your drivetrain. We have tools for items such as bike chains & cassettes, cranks & bottom brackets and various allen keys & wrenches. Your pedals and your front fork & and headset bearings require specific bike tools as well. With more and more road bikes with disc brakes these days, like mountain bikes they too now need brake bleed kits to bleed hydraulic disc brakes with. With some good bike tools, you can now also maintain your own frame & brakes or get that annoying creak out of your wheel.

Complete your bike workshop

We also carry a variety of pliers. For mechanical breakdowns on the road, a useful multi tool is a must. Under workshop accessories you’ll find all the small items required to complete your bike workshop.

Bike tools for carbon bikes

Does your bike have a carbon frame? Then a torque wrench is essential to prevent damage to your beautiful bike. In order to make sure that after all that hard work everything stays nice and shiny and you don’t break anything, using proper assembly paste and assembly grease is a must. Make sure you use carbon paste with a carbon frame, or you run the risk that your seat post will just start slipping again.

Bike tool kits

Want to get yourself everything you need to perform your own bike maintenance in one go? Then it pays to get yourself a bike tool kit. The larger the kit, the more complete it often is. Most smaller bike tool kits will still allow the majority of home mechanics to perform an array of maintenance requirements themselves.

Bike work stands

In order to optimally perform your bike maintenance, you need to properly secure your bicycle. We offer various bike work stands to that end. This ensures you your bike is properly secured, while still allowing easy access from all sides in order to complete your bike maintenance. Want to show off your bike after all that hard work? Then a display stand will work for you. Rather hang your bike up and out of the way, for instance because you don’t have enough space - or too many bikes? Opt for a storage hookinstead.

Bike maintenance products

Besides all these great bike tools you’ll also be needing several maintenance products. Before you can maintain your bike, you’ll have to clean it first using the right bike cleaners. While you’re at it, use some proper specialist bike brushes which really let you clean all the nooks and crannies. After maintaining your bike, it’s important you lubricate all the moving parts again using the right lubricants and bearing greases.

Mobile bike cleaners

Taking your bike with you on vacation or are you often travelling but want to keep your bike clean? Portable Bike Cleaners are a perfect solution. These special cleaners can be brought along in your car so you can clean your bike before you even head home.