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Cycling overshoes are an indispensable item in your wardrobe. During colder temperatures, overshoes keep your feet warm. There are thin waterproof overshoes for use in mild rainy conditions, and we have thick neoprene shoes that keep your feet warm in colder temperatures. Cycling overshoes are also used for time trials, because they could make you more aerodynamic.
Tip: tape off the ventilation holes in your sole during winter, so cold air doesn't get into your shoes.

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BBB Cycling WaterFlex 3.0

RRP 39,95

Sealskinz All Weather

RRP 46,95

Castelli Diluvio UL Shoe Covers

RRP 74,95
From 59,95

Velotoze Tall Shoe Cover Road 2.0

RRP 24,95

AGU Foul Weather Overshoes

RRP 79,95

Velotoze Toe Covers

RRP 16,95

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Cycling Overshoes | Great Prices | Waterproof

During winter, it is often a challenge to keep going out on your bike. With the right winter cycling clothing, you'll stay nice and warm and be able to keep training in winter. When choosing winter cycling wear, it is especially important to keep your limbs (arms and legs) warm. There is nothing as annoying as frozen feet while biking. To prevent this, you can choose to bike with overshoes. Find out which overshoes suit you here!

When should I use overshoes?

This question is difficult to answer. It actually depends on how quickly you get cold feet. This is different for each person. In addition, it also depends on the type of cycling shoes and cycling socks that are worn. This is because normal cycling shoes are not very insulating, making you more likely to get cold. If you wear winter cycling shoes, you can probably get through the winter without overshoes. Although everyone has their own preference, we made a generalisation as to when a certain model of overshoe is most suitable. We devided our range of overshoes into categories based on the most ideal outside temperatures for each model: Note that these overshoes cannot exclusively be used during road cycling, but also for mountain biking and gravel biking!

What size overshoes do I need?

The size overshoes you need to buy depends entirely on the size of your road cycling shoes or MTB shoes. On our product pages, you can simply filter by the right size for each overshoe. Do you have cycling shoes in size 45? Then filter on the overshoes in that size. This way, you can be sure that the overshoes will fit over your cycling shoes. Nice and easy!

What overshoes are there?

Basically, our overshoes are suitable for any type of bike. However, you can filter by different types of bikes on our website. We have overshoes suitable for:

Are there any overshoes that will make you extra visible?

During the dark months, it is very important to be highly visible on the road. For your safety, we have special Hi-vis overshoes in our range. These are equipped with reflective elements or they have a bright yellow colour, making them stand out in traffic. With these overshoes, you will be highly visible to motorists or other cyclists!

Are all overshoes waterproof?

Not all overshoes in our range are fully waterproof. In fact, we even have overshoes that you can use when the weather is cold and dry, which are often not waterproof nor water-repellent. Splashproof overshoes are ideal for when it's not raining but the surface is wet. Shoudl it start raining, the first few drops will be stopped, but more rain will soon pass through the overshoes. On the next level you find water-repellent overshoes. These overshoes are very close to being waterproof. It will stop splashing water and light showers with ease. Want to completely shield your feet from water? Then go for fully waterproof overshoes. Not a drop of water will get through these as they feature taped seams.

What brands of overshoes are there?

We have a wide range of overshoes from the best brands. No matter which brand you choose, you will always get quality from us. The shoe cover brands we offer are: