Energy Bars

Are you interested in buying an energy bar? You've come to the right place. We offer sports bars for different types of training as well as recovery bars to help you get ready for your next bike ride fast, even after a tough workout or race. Check out our assortment of energy bars and find the best product for you!
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Mantel Almond Sports Bar

RRP 4,17
From 3,95
Our choice for all-round energy bar
Mantel's choice

Mantel Energy Bar

From 3,45
Crown Jewels

Clif Energy Bar

RRP 8,55
From 7,65

Maxim Energy Bar

From 6,75
Crown Jewels

PowerBar Energize Bar Multiflavour Pack

RRP 10,-
From 8,49
Countdown Deal

Maxim Energy Bars 10-Pack

RRP 23,90
Crown Jewels

Amacx Energy Oat Bar

RRP 6,57
From 5,85

BORN Flapjack Bar

RRP 7,59
From 6,75

Mantel Energy Chew Bar

From 4,95
Our choice as an alternative to the energy bar
Mantel's choice

SiS Go Energy Bar

From 5,95
Our choice for a bar with natural ingredients
Mantel's choice

Amacx Fast Bar

From 5,95

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