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A bike saddle can really make or break a ride. A good saddle for your road bike, mountain bike or city bike is very important. That's why we have a wide range of bike saddles for you. Because saddles come in different shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own preference regarding the width of saddle, and there are also specific women's saddles and men's saddles. We also have maintenance products for bike saddles, such as leather grease, maintenance grease and, for example, saddle clamps.

Do you want to be sure you're using the right bike saddle? Prevent saddle sores with our Race Bike & MTB Saddle Selection Guide and our City Bike & E-Bike Saddle Selection Guide for appropriate advice.

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Selle Italia SLR TM Super Flow Saddle

RRP 145,-
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Fizik Tempo Argo R5 Saddle

RRP 99,-
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RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper Post

RRP 886,-
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Bontrager Verse Comp Saddle

RRP 64,99
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Brooks B17 Standard Saddle

RRP 140,-
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Pro Stealth Performance Saddle

RRP 159,99
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Selle Italia Flite Boost TM Superflow Saddle

RRP 145,-
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SQlab 611 Ergowave CRMO Saddle

RRP 99,95
Test this saddle for 30 days

Brooks B67 Saddle

RRP 150,-

Pro Stealth Sport Saddle

RRP 109,99
Test this saddle for 30 days

Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle

RRP 99,-
From 74,95
Test this saddle for 30 days

Selle Italia SLR Ti 316 Superflow Saddle

RRP 209,-
Test this saddle for 30 days

Pro LT Seat Post

RRP 44,99

SQlab 612 Ergowave Active 2.1 Saddle

RRP 149,95
Test this saddle for 30 days

Bike Saddles | View the best saddles for your bike

You may find it surprising that the saddle is one of the most important parts of your bike. A good saddle makes cycling just a bit easier, especially on longer distances. A good bike saddle prevents or reduces saddle soreness and lets you cycle around care- and injury-free. At Mantel you are sure to find a comfortable bike saddle that is just right for you.

What types of bike saddles are there?

Bike saddles come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, city rider or e-biker, we have a suitable bike saddle for every bike. Our range includes the following saddle types:

What are the differences between bike saddle brands?

We offer many bike saddle models with different widths and shapes, with and without channels and cut-outs. The width of your saddle should be based on the width of your seat bones. You can measure this yourself using a piece of cardboard. Read our blog to find out how to do this. The shape of the saddle is based on the rider’s movements and is round for those who move their hips a lot while cycling, semi-round for those who move their hips just a bit while cycling, or flat for those who sit completely still while cycling. Moreover, there is a classification based on how flexible you are. If you are very flexible and can stretch down to your toes, you need a flat saddle. The less flexible you are, the rounder your bike saddle should be. Our range includes bike saddles from many brands:

Can bike saddles with a carbon rail be used on a standard saddle clamp?

If your bike has a saddle with a carbon rail, the dimensions are usually 9 x 7 mm, which differ from a regular 7 x 7 mm saddle rail. This makes it possible, if your saddle has a carbon rail, to use seat posts that clamp the saddle only on the top and bottom of the saddle rail. If the saddle is clamped onto the rail all around or from the side, you may damage the saddle if it has a carbon rail. For most seat posts, a specific saddle clamp for carbon saddle rails is available in this case. When fitting carbon parts, always use a torque wrench and apply the torque indicated on the saddle in Nm (torque in Newton metres).

Does the 30-day money-back guarantee apply to all saddles?

For city and electric bike saddles, our 30-day money-back guarantee applies to the brands Selle Royal and SQLab. For road bike and MTB saddles, our 30-day money-back guarantee applies to the brands Selle Italia, Fizik, Pro, Bontrager and SQLab.

What can I do to fix a creaking bike saddle?

If your saddle creaks, this is often caused by sand that has got between the seat post clamp and the saddle rail. In some cases, the problem is in the seat post inside the frame. After a ride in the rain, it is important to rinse the frame, seat post and saddle well with water, then wipe them with a dry cloth. Do creaking noises persist? Remove the saddle and seat post to clean the mounting points thoroughly. Using assembly grease is only advisable between the seat post and the frame. With a carbon seat post, it is best to use carbon grease. You should not apply grease between the saddle rail and the saddle clamp as it will only cause sand to stick to it, causing more creaking noises.

How do women’s and men’s saddles differ?

Women's bike saddles usually have a shorter nose and are slightly wider than men's saddles. The distance between men's seat bones is usually 100 - 136 mm, with an average of 118 mm. For women, it is 112 - 148 mm, with an average of 130 mm. The best bike saddle for women is therefore, in theory, slightly wider than a men's bike saddle. As for cut-outs, those in men's saddles are also wider than in women's saddles. For road and mountain bikes, we also offer a large range of women's bike saddles and men's bike saddles.

I get saddle soreness during cycling, what can I do about it?

Saddle soreness means that you experience a painful sensation in your soft tissue area. One possible cause is that your bike saddle is too narrow. If this is the case, you can solve it simply by buying a wider one. Or, if you get a numb or painful feeling in your soft tissue area during or after cycling, a bike saddle with a cut-out or channel can relieve pressure there. If these solutions do not eliminate the problem altogether and you continue to experience soreness when cycling, read our blog to get rid of this problem once and for all.

What is the best bike saddle?

There is no such thing as the best bike saddle. Every person has a different build and, therefore, their own saddle preferences. If you enter these preferences in our Selection Guide, you can find a saddle that is suitable for you.

How can I replace my bike saddle myself?

Replacing your bike saddle is a job you can easily do yourself. If you have the right tools, it is absolutely doable. Not all seat posts feature the same type of clamp, however, and will therefore have a different mounting method and may require special tools. What mounting method and tools you should use can usually be found in your bike’s manual.