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A water bottle is a must have on your ride. A good water bottle makes drinking easy. Mantel sells both basic and advanced water bottles, such as the Camelbak and Elite bottles. A nice closing and drinking system prevents leaks. Bottles without BPA will not only last longer, but your drink also won't taste like plastic and the risk of mold is a lot less.

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Elite Fly Water Bottle

RRP 6,99
From 6,95
Our choice for a lightweight water bottle
Mantel's choice

Camelbak Podium Chill 700 ml Water Bottle

RRP 20,-
From 18,95
Our choice of thermobidon
Mantel's choice

Cube Icon Water Bottle

From 4,95
Our choice for a transparent water bottle
Mantel's choice

SiS 800ml Bottle

From 7,99

BBB Cycling BTL-18 Tool Bottle

RRP 9,95
From 7,95

Elite Byasi Toolbox


Elite Ice Fly Water Bottle

From 13,99

Elite Nano Fly Water Bottle

RRP 32,99
From 27,95

BBB Cycling ThermoTank Water Bottle

RRP 24,95
From 18,95

Trek Voda Ice Water Bottle

From 19,99

Pro Tool Storage Bottle

RRP 8,99
From 6,99

Elite Syssa Race Water Bottle

RRP 16,99
From 15,95

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Water bottles for your bike | Many models in stock

A water bottle is essential if you are on a bike regularly. Whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, or gravel biker, hydration is very important. It is important to keep drinking well during your rides, especially when it is hot. Water bottles are perfect for this because they are easy to carry and you can drink from them quickly.

How do I choose the right water bottle?

Are you going to buy a water bottle? To find the perfect sports water bottle, there are a few things that are important. Bottle volume is a good starting point. A small bottle is light and perfect for shorter rides. If you want to cycle longer, a large bottle is recommended (especially in hot weather). With our filters you can easily sort on water capacity. We have different types of water bottles in our assortment, such as:

What bottles are suitable for mountain biking?

The most important feature of an MTB bottle is the protective cap around the drinking spout. This prevents mud and dust from getting on the spout. This way you can keep drinking from your sports bottle without a muddy taste!

How do I keep the sports drink in my bottle cool?

Cycling at high temperatures? Then a thermo bottle is recommended. These bottles have a double wall with an isolating effect. This will keep your drink cold longer than a regular bottle. This way you can also enjoy cool sports drinks on hot days. The best known model is the Camelbak bottle. However, nowadays there are also more manufacturers with thermo bottles.

Are there also water bottles without BPA?

Drinking bottles for bikes are often made of plastic. This material is lightweight and easy to squeeze; two very nice properties for a bicycle bottle. For your health and to avoid bad tastes, all water bottles we sell are exclusively made of 100% BPA free plastic. Do you prefer not to use a plastic bottle? Then there are also stainless steel bottles.

Which bottle brands are there?

Bottles for cycling come in many different types. We have simple bottles, but also more luxurious ones. It all depends on the brand. Some of our products are: Our water bottles are also available in various colours, so that your bottle matches your road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike. Naturally, we also offer plain black bottles if you're not into bright colours.

How do I put a bottle on my bike?

After you have decided what bottle to buy, you have to decide how you are going to take it with you when you are riding. It is best to take your bottle with you in a bottle cage, which you can easily be mounted on your bike. This also allows you to have a quick sip of your drink while riding.