Towbar Car Bike Racks


A towbar mounted bike rack may well be the easiest system for transporting your city bike, mountain bike or road bike. It doesn't take more than a minute or two to mount such a bike carrier and connect the cable for the lighting. This makes these racks great products for a day out. For electric bikes we offer special, extra strong racks.

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Thule EasyFold XT 2 933 Bike Carrier

RRP 919,95
Our choice of electric bike carrier
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Thule Epos 2 978

Our choice for a top-class bike rack
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Thule Velocompact 3 926 Car Bike Rack

RRP 725,45
From 589,-
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Thule Epos 3


Thule VeloSpace XT 2 938 Bike Carrier

RRP 799,95
Holiday pay deals

Thule Europower 915

RRP 579,-

Pro User Bike Lift Diamant

RRP 799,95

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Car Bike Racks | Towbar mount| For regular & e-bikes

Are you going on holiday? And would you like to take your own bike abroad? Then a bike rack is essential. There are different types of bike racks, but towbar bike racks are the most popular. If your car has a towbar, a towbar bike rack is perfect. This way, you can even enjoy your own bike on holiday.

What towbar bike racks are available?

Want to buy a bike rack, and do you have a car with a towbar? Then a towbar bike rack is the best choice. We have a selection of different brands of bike racks. For example, we have XLC, Pro User and Thule bike racks for towbar. The bike racks for towbar can be divided into models suitable for 2 bikes or 3 bikes. Also, some Thule towbar bike racks can be expanded with an extra accessory, allowing you to take 1 extra bike with you. All towbar mounted bike racks in our range are tiltable. Therefore, in most cases, you can still open the car's boot while your bikes are on the rack.

Which towbar bike rack is suitable for electric bikes?

Towbar bike racks are the best type of rack when you want to take an electric bike with you. Thanks to the sturdy mounting point of the towbar, most bike racks have a maximum load capacity of 60kg. You can therefore fit 1 or 2 electric bikes on these bike racks.

Can I fit 3 bikes on a bike rack for the towbar?

Want to carry 3 bikes? Then you are looking for a bike rack towbar suitable for 3 bikes. Here, you have several options. There are bike racks that are standard suitable for 3 bikes. However, you can also opt for a rack for 2 bikes and use an additional accessory that allows you to expand the capacity by 1 bike. With 3 or more bikes on a bike rack, you have to pay attention to the maximum load capacity. Therefore, in practice, most bike racks are suitable for a maximum of 2 electric bikes, as otherwise the maximum load capacity of 60 kg will be exceeded.

Can I fold my towbar bike rack when I am not using it?

A bike rack is an ideal option for taking your bike on holiday. But what do you do with the bike rack when it's not on your car? Fortunately, there are many foldable bike racks. They are easy to store away as they take up much less space.