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"Popular bikes like the Cortina U4, the Gazelle Orange or the Gazelle Miss Grace, we've got them all for you. The best city bikes, most popular granny bikes, children's bikes and electric bikes. The most popular bikes in the Netherlands can be found here. So if you're looking for the best city bike for you, then you've come to the right place. We have many popular brands such as Gazelle, Batavus, Cortina and Sparta.

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Cortina U4 Transport Transport Bike
599,- 539,-
Our choice of transport bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Esprit HFB
1.699,- From 1.529,-

Cortina E-U4 Family RB7 FM
1.849,- From 1.665,-

Gazelle Esprit 3
629,- 559,-

Gazelle Orange C8
949,- 849,-

Gazelle Esprit 7
699,- 619,-

Gazelle Chamonix C8
999,- 899,-

Koga F3 2.0

Cortina U4 Mini 26
429,- 379,-

Gazelle Orange C5 HMS
2.999,- 2.199,-

Cortina E-U4 RB7 FM
1.699,- From 1.529,-

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