Batavus Finez

The Batavus Finez is a popular series of city bikes and electric bikes from Batavus. The Finez series is known for its high-quality finish and the fact that it is richly equipped. All Batavus Finez bikes are equipped with seat post suspension, a sprung front fork and hydraulic disc brakes. One thing is therefore certain: with the Batavus Finez you get a high quality bicycle!
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Stylish and functional: two words that perfectly describe the Batavus Finez range. Both the city bikes without motor and the electric bikes in the series ensure that you can enjoy your mileage. With a stable frame, seatpost suspension and a suspension fork, your rides will be that little bit more pleasant.

Developed in collaboration with T.U. Delft

The goal with the Batavus Finez was to develop a bike that not only has a stylish shape, but is also extremely stiff and stable. The bright minds at T.U Delft have had a hand in this, giving the Batavus Finez range a pleasant and stable riding experience. The optimised weight distribution of both city bikes and e-bikes also contributes to good manoeuvrability. In addition, the hydraulic disc brakes give you all the braking power you could wish for. With the Finez, you are therefore always fully in control.

Smart lighting

Batavus has developed a smart solution for the lighting on their Finez series. This so-called Vizi lighting is equipped with a sensor that ensures that more light is emitted in dark weather. This makes you more visible to other traffic, but also makes it easier to see where you are cycling. In addition, the lights are equipped with a standlight function, which keeps the light on for a while when standing still. The more expensive models even have a V-light. This uses a laser to shine a V-shape around the rear wheel, allowing traffic behind you to see a safe zone around your bike. On city bikes, these lights are powered by a hub dynamo, while on electric Finez models, the e-bike battery provides power.

Fully equipped cyclist

Every model of the Batavus Finez is luxurious and fully equipped. A strong ring lock allows you to secure your cyclist. Adding a suitable plug-in lock would add even more security. In addition, you can easily clip compatible accessories onto the MIK rack, although other child bike seats or pannier bags can also be fitted. Touring with the kids, trips to the supermarket or simply to work: the comfortable Batuvus Finez range makes every ride more fun!