Batavus Finez

The Batavus Finez is a popular series of city bikes and electric bikes from Batavus. The Finez series is known for its high-quality finish and the fact that it is richly equipped. All Batavus Finez bikes are equipped with seat post suspension, a sprung front fork and hydraulic disc brakes. One thing is therefore certain: with the Batavus Finez you get a high quality bicycle!
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Batavus Finez
949,- 849,-

Batavus Finez E-go Active Plus
2.749,- From 2.479,-

Batavus Finez E-go Exclusive
2.949,- From 2.659,-

Batavus Finez E-go Active Plus
2.699,- From 2.349,-

Batavus Finez E-go Exclusive 2020
2.899,- From 2.609,-

Batavus Finez E-go Power
2.999,- From 2.699,-

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