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A Speed Pedelec helmet is just a bit sturdier than regular bicycle helmets. This is because you cycle much faster with a 45 km/h speed pedelec. These offer more protection around the back of the head and temples and are specially made for use with Speed Pedelecs and other speed assisted bicycles like e-bikes.

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Speed pedelec bikes are increasingly dominating the street scene. A speed pedelec is a kind of electric bike that lets you go a lot faster. Because you can go a lot faster, there are also the necessary safety restrictions. In the Netherlands, your speed pedelec needs third-party insurance and a yellow number plate. For your own safety, it is also compulsory to wear a bike helmet.

What helmet do I need for a speed pedelec?

You cannot use just any bicycle helmet on a speed pedelec. This is because a speed pedelec helmet must meet certain requirements. The helmet must comply with the NTA 8776 standard, meaning it protects the head, is suitable for use during physical exertion and does not impede hearing. In addition, a helmet for use on the speed pedelec must be made to provide more protection for the back of your head and your temples. This is because the impact of a fall due to the high speed is a lot higher than on a normal bike. It is therefore important to protect these parts of your head extra well.

What's different about a speed pedelec helmet?

A helmet for the speed pedelec provides you more protection than a normal helmet, mainly to the back of your head and your temples. You can also choose to buy a speed pedelec helmet with a visor. The Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE helmet is a great example of this. With a visor, you protect your eyes from the strong wind due to the high speed you reach on a speed pedelec. In addition, it also protects against flies and other dirt that can get into your eyes while cycling.

What size speed pedelec helmet do I need?

The size speed pedelec helmet you need is entirely down to the circumference of your head. On our speed pedelec category page you can use the filters to view the results for your size. Your head circumference is easy to measure by drawing a tape measure around your head. It is important to hold the tape in a straight line just above your ears. Then read off the number of centimetres.

Which brand of speed pedelec helmet do you recommend?

There are many speed pedelec helmets available from different brands. However, we recommend an Abus speed pedelec helmet. Indeed, Abus stands for quality and safety. Which is very important when buying a speed pedelec helmet. Check out our range and make your choice!