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City Bike Selection Guide

City Bike Selection Guide

City bikes


Buying a new city bike from our online bike shop is easy. We offer all the popular models that may have caught your eye. These include regular bikes but also transport bikes, family bikes and Dutch bikes. And if it is an electric or folding bike you're keen on finding, Mantel is the place for you. We always have many major brands in stock, including Gazelle, Cortina, Batavus, Sparta and Pegasus. If you buy your bike from us online, there is a good chance we can deliver it to you the next working day!

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Cortina U4 Transport R3 Transport Bike
RRP 699,-
Winter Sale

Gazelle Orange C7+
RRP 899,-

Cortina U1 3-speed
RRP 649,-

Trek District 3 Equipped
RRP 1.499,-

Cortina Mozzo ND8 Belt
RRP 1.199,-

Gazelle Chamonix C8
RRP 999,-

Batavus Fonk 3
RRP 749,-

Pegasus Lucca 3
RRP 699,95
Winter Sale

Batavus Finez N7 FF
RRP 1.099,-

Gazelle Esprit T3
RRP 679,-

Batavus Mambo
RRP 1.099,-


Cortina Foss ND7
RRP 819,-

Pegasus Salerno 7
RRP 899,95
Winter Sale

Cortina U4 R3 Fashion
RRP 699,-

Cortina U4 Fashion R3
RRP 699,-

Gazelle Esprit T7
RRP 749,-

Pegasus Lucca 3 2021
RRP 699,-

Sensa Treviso N-7
RRP 949,-

Sensa Treviso N7
RRP 999,-

Cortina Foss ND3
RRP 759,-

Gazelle Vento C7
RRP 799,-

Gazelle Esprit C7
RRP 749,-

Gazelle Esprit C3
RRP 649,-

Batavus Fonk 7
RRP 849,-

Koga F3 8.0

Gazelle Esprit
RRP 549,-

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City Bikes | View our wide range of city bikes

The city bike is the workhorse of the Dutch road. Whether you use it to go to the supermarket, commute to work, want to explore nature or have another reason to ride: the city bike is there for you. Traditionally, a men's city bike features a high top tube while a women's city bike has a low entry. Nowadays, however, everyone wants to make use of the convenience of a low entry on a city bike.

Why should I buy a city bike?

There are various reasons for buying a city bike and for every reason there is another type of city bike imaginable. With a good transport bike, you can transport loads on the front and back carrier without any problems. It is not only practical as a bike for daily shopping, but also very suitable as a trendy city bike for school children with a big backpack. To make even better use of your bike, you can also mount a basket or crate on the front. With a hybrid bike, you have the convenience of a light city bike and a wide gear range to quickly reach your destination. A special type of hybrid bike is the trekking bike. This sporty city bike is designed to be used during cycling holidays and long trips.

What is a family bike?

A family bike is made especially for parents with young children. Family bikes are often extra sturdy and have the possibility to place a child's bike seat both at the front and the back. The frame of a mother's bike is made to carry extra heavy loads. In addition, these bicycles have a handlebar lock and a double-sided stand. This makes it a lot easier to put your children in the child's seat and take them out again. Another way to transport your children safely is the electric cargo bike. These have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Because cargo bikes are not only practical, but also very trendy.

Are there any city bikes with extra assistance?

When you need some extra assistance, you can opt for an electric city bike. With an e-bike, it is even easier to cycle to the supermarket or around town. We have a wide range of e-bikes with the sturdy appearance of a city bike or transport bike. Electric city bikes are also available for both men and women. Take a look at our fast city bikes!

Which brand has the best city bike?

As a Dutch bike shop, we naturally have the major Dutch brands in our range. In addition, we also have a nice selection of foreign brands. Depending on your budget, you can be sure to find a quality city bike from a good brand. Some of the city bike brands that we have in our range are: Feel free to look around in our selection. One thing is certain: with us you will find a city bike that suits you!