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A well-considered choice of outdoor and indoor gravel tyres can significantly improve your performance and enjoyment. The choice of a gravel tyre depends on the type of surface and the weather conditions. A dry, hard surface requires a different tread than a wet, muddy surface. Tyres also differ in rolling resistance, durability and puncture resistance. There is a gravel tyre and inner tube for every circumstance. Can't choose from our range of gravel tyres? Then use our gravel tyre selection guide.

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Schwalbe G-One Speed Evolution Line TLE Gravel Tyre

RRP 64,90
Our choice for a gravel tyre for asphalt and hard gravel
Mantel's choice

Vredestein Aventura Gravel Tyre

RRP 63,95
Our choice for an all-round gravel tyre
Mantel's choice

Challenge Strada Bianca Pro Gravel Tyre

RRP 67,95
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Vittoria Air-Liner Road

RRP 37,99

Schwalbe Tubeless Valves

RRP 21,90
From 20,95

WTB Byway Road TCS Gravel Tyre

RRP 52,25

Squirt Sealant

RRP 6,31
From 6,20

Muc-Off Tubeless Tyre Sealant

RRP 14,99
From 11,95
Green choice

Gravel Tyres - Wide Range of Gravel Bike Tyres

What are gravel tyres?

Gravel tyres are bike tyres for gravel bikes. A gravel bike is a combination between a road bike and a mountain bike. Gravel bikes are very versatile, because they look like a road bike, but equipped with tyres that are more like MTB tyres. In fact, Gravel bike tyres are knobbed, providing you with more grip and thus allow you to cycle off-road. In terms of width, gravel tyres lie exactly between MTB and road bike tyres, giving you the best of both worlds. You can go reasonably fast on the road, but don't have to shy away from the unpaved world.

On what surfaces can gravel tyres be used?

There is no single correct answer to this question. It all depends on which set of gravel bike tyres you prefer. There are many different categories of gravel tyres. Some tyres are more suitable for hardpack and maintained gravel, while others are more suitable for wet and muddy forest trails and singletracks. For your convenience, we made a breakdown of which gravel tyres are best to use in specific environments, namely: You will notice by the various profiles on gravel tyres, that the wetter and muddier the environment gets, the taller the knobs there are on the tyre. Taller knobs equals more grip, which is very useful in wet conditions.

What width should my gravel tyres be?

Gravel tyres come in all kinds of widths. The width of your tyre depends on what suits you best. With wider gravel tyres you can choose to ride with lower tyre pressure, providing the most comfort. With wider tyres and lower tyre pressure, your tyres absorb more vibrations, sparing your body. On the contrary, with narrower tyres you experience less rolling resistance, allowing you to go as fast as possible. It comes down to whether you want to go for comfort or performance. The gravel bike tyre widths we offer include: These are just some of the different gravel bike tyre widths we offer in our range. Take a look at the gravel tyres category page for a complete overview.

Wihich gravel tyres have the best grip?

Generally, gravel tyres with the most knobs offer the most grip. Taller knobs ensure grip in wet and muddy conditions. If you don't want tyres that you can only use in rainy weather, you can choose to use gravel tyre combinations, rocking a different on the front and rear. This way, you can enjoy cycling in all weather conditions. To do this, your front tyre should have a taller knob profile for cornering grip while your rear tyre should have shorter ones for better rolling resistance.

Are gravel tyres tubeless ready?

Since a tubeless setup is so advantageous, most gravel bike tyres are tubeless ready. Here you will find an overview of our gravel tyres that are tubeless ready. With tubeless gravel tyres, as the name suggests, you ride without an inner tube. Instead, your tyres are filled with tubeless sealant, a type of liquid latex, that can fill holes while driving, allowing you to continue driving home as normal and thus reducing the chances of you ending up with a puncture on the side of the road. Would you like to know how to set your gravel tyres up tubeless? Then read this blog.

What gravel tyre is the best?

We only have high-quality gravel tyres in our range, making it hard to say which one is the best. Some brands are a bit more expensive than others, so you can base your choice on that. Take a look at our gravel-bike-tyres page to compare the different brands. We offer many different brands, such as: