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Your pedals are where your legs meet your bike. Quality pedals ensure an efficient power transfer. With clipless pedals on your mountain bike or road bike, you can do more than simply push the pedals forward; because your shoes are connected to your pedals, you can also pull at them for an even more efficient power transfer! At Mantel, we've made it easy for you to compare, choose and buy new pedals for your road bike, mountain bike or city bike. And of course we also offer a wide range of cleats and pedal parts.

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Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Carbon Pedals

RRP 154,99
Our choice for lightweight and performance pedals
Mantel's choice

Garmin Rally XC SPD Power Meter Pedals

RRP 649,99
From 499,-
Our choice for a mountain bike powermeter
Mantel's choice

Shimano DEORE PD-M520 SPD Pedals

RRP 44,99
Our choice of basic mountain bike pedals
Mantel's choice

Favero Assioma DUO Power Meter Pedals

RRP 695,-
Our choice of a double-sided powermeter for your road bike
Mantel's choice

Shimano XT PD-M8100 SPD Pedals

RRP 109,99
Our choice of mid-range mountain bike pedals
Mantel's choice

Look X-Track Race SPD Pedals

RRP 75,-
Our choice for gravel pedals
Mantel's choice

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 2 Clipless Pedals

RRP 99,99
Our choice of cyclocross pedals
Mantel's choice

Crankbrothers Candy 2 Clipless Pedals

RRP 99,99
Our choice of pedals with extra protection around the clipless pedal
Mantel's choice

Garmin Rally RS SPD-SL Power Meter Pedals

RRP 599,99
From 449,-
Holiday pay deals

Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink Zero Power Meter

RRP 649,99
From 545,-
Holiday pay deals

Shimano PD-M540 SPD Pedals

RRP 74,99
From 59,95

Ergon TP1

RRP 30,95

Wahoo Speedplay Comp Pedals

RRP 149,99

Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedals

RRP 229,99

Crankbrothers Stamp 2 Flat Pedals

RRP 99,99
From 79,95
5 year warranty

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Bike Pedals | View our pedals for all bike types

Pedals are an important part of your bike. What pedals you need differs for each bike type. Traditional pedals can be found on almost any bicycle, from city bikes to road bikes to mountain bikes. Many mountain bikers and road cyclists choose to swap their "standard" pedals for clipless pedals. Which bike pedals suit you depends on the type of cyclist you are. But one thing is for sure: with the right pedals you will enjoy cycling even more!

What types of pedals are available?

The range of bike pedals is very wide. Which ones you need depends on your preferences and your bike type. After all, MTB pedals are different from road bike pedals and city bike pedals. We have divided our pedals into the following categories:

What is the advantage of clipless pedals?

With clipless bike pedals you attach your cycling shoes to your pedals. This increases the power transfer to your pedals, and so you will eventually go faster. Clipless pedals are only useful when you are on a road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike. For a city bike or E-bike clipless pedals are not necessary, and regular pedals suffice.
Are you keen on going as fast as possible on your road bike? Then road bike pedals are for you! Are you keen on racing through the forest as fast as possible? Then MTB pedals are your best choice!

So, which are MTB pedals and which are road bike pedals?

There is quite some confusion about the names of road bike and mountain bike pedals. This is caused by the fact that the terms used for both types are rather similar. SPD pedals are for mountain bikes and SPD-SL pedals are for road bikes. Shimano SPD pedals are suitable for mountain biking because you can clip into them from both sides. SPD-SL pedals are suitable for road cycling because they have a larger contact surface, which increases power transfer, allowing you to go as fast as possible. So with real road bike pedals you can get the most out of every bike ride.

What are combination pedals?

Are you an all-round cyclist wanting to use clipless pedals with regular shoes as well? If so, combination pedals are just the thing for you! Combination pedals are a common feature on mountain bikes which are used both for sports and everyday use. When you're going out for a workout, you can simply clip in with your MTB shoes, and when you're wearing regular shoes, you can ride comfortably on these pedals as well.

What are the best MTB pedals?

Which MTB pedals are best for you depends to a certain extent on what kind of mountain biker you are. The main differences between the various MTB pedals are found in their purpose, durability and weight. Do you want to go as fast as possible and save as much weight as possible? Then the more expensive pedals will suit you. Do you simply want sturdy pedals to use for a long time and to go fast with? Then we recommend the Shimano XT pedals for mountain bikes. In our opinion, these are the perfect MTB pedals in the middle segment, which are suitable for any mountain biker.

Which brand of bike pedals is the best?

The best-known pedals for your sports bike are the Shimano pedals. Besides those, there are many other choices, including the following: Bike pedals of brands other than Shimano are also high quality products. You can absolutely feel confident about buying them, and enjoy their good price-quality ratio. Don't like the pedals after all? At Mantel you have the right to return the product within 30 days, provided that it is in good condition, of course.

How can I best replace my bike pedals?

After some time, your bike pedals need to be replaced. Whether you have a city bike, road bike or mountain bike, your pedals will wear out over time. If the wear is too severe, you may begin to hear creaking and squealing noises, which may affect your cycling fun. Worn pedals also affect the power transfer to your pedals; you simply don't go as fast as before. Click here to read our blog that explains how to replace the pedals of your MTB or road bike.