Cycling Backpacks

Cycling backpacks are designed to feel comfortable while cycling. In addition, some cycling backpacks have a built-in water reservoir. A proper cycling backpack doesn't chafe and provides ventilation for your back. Combining comfortable straps with great ventilation is key for most cyclists. Nearly all cycling backpacks have a hydration system or can fit one. You won't have to reach down for your water bottle anymore: a sip of fresh water is always close at hand.
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Ortlieb Velocity Cycling Rucksack

RRP 115,-
From 89,95
Our choice for a cycling rucksack for commuters
Mantel's choice

Camelbak Chase Adventure 8 Cycling Rucksack

RRP 125,-
From 79,-
Our choice for a cycling rucksack with hydration pack
Mantel's choice

Evoc Stage 18 Cycling Rucksack

RRP 185,-
Our choice for a spacious, comfortable and athletic cycling backpack
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Velocity PS Cycling Rucksack

RRP 120,-
From 104,95

Rapha Trail Hip Pack

RRP 80,-
From 59,95

Evoc Ride 12 Cycling Rucksack

RRP 144,99

Evoc Stage 6 Cycling Rucksack

RRP 165,-

Evoc FR Lite Race Cycling Rucksack

RRP 189,95

Evoc Hydration Tube

RRP 19,-

Ergon BH300 Hydration Pack

RRP 32,95

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Cycling Backpacks - Cycling Rucksacks

With a cycling backpack, no ride is ever too long! Cycling rucksacks come in many types and sizes, so there is a perfect model for every ride or occasion. Whether you go out on your road bike or your mountain bike, a cycling backpack is an essential part of your gear.

What types of cycling backpacks are there?

Our range of cycling rucksacks is large and diverse, and each model has its own specifications. For example, some have a helmet holder or back protector panel, while others come with a hydration pack. How a backpack is attached also varies from one model to the next - most bags have a chest strap, and some also have a waist strap. Cycling rucksacks are available in different sizes. The indicated volume or capacity gives you an idea of how big the bag is approximately. The minimum volume of a cycling backpack is 0 to 5 litres, and the maximum volume is 25 to 30 litres. Larger backpacks offer plenty of space to carry a lot of stuff.

What are the advantages of a cycling backpack?

A cycling backpack has many advantages over a normal backpack, the first being that it is waterproof. With a waterproof cycling rucksack you can ride in all weathers without the things stored in it getting wet. You’ll appreciate this particularly when you get caught in a heavy rainshower! Also, the bags are equipped with handy features to make life easier for you as a cyclist, such as a dedicated helmet holder, extra space for tools, a light clip etc. Have you ever run out of water during a ride? With a cycling backpack with a hydration bag, this will never happen again because you always have water within easy reach.

Which is the best brand of cycling backpacks?

All brands in our cycling rucksack range are known for their excellent quality - you can be sure that these products will last a long time. The brands we carry differ mostly in terms of price and looks. So, take some time to decide which characteristics are important to you, and choose the cycling backpack that fits your budget. We offer the following brands and more: