Chain Locks

A chain lock is one of the most secure ways to protect your bike against theft. A chain lock consists of hardened steel links that are almost impossible to cut. That's why some chain locks even have an ART quality mark. This means that the lock meets bicycle insurance standards. A chain lock comes in all kinds of lengths, so there is a suitable chain lock in our range for every use.

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Abus Ionus 8900 Chain Lock

RRP 54,95
From 39,95
Our choice of chain lock
Mantel's choice

AXA Absolute 9 ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 57,95
From 39,95
Our choice for a sturdy and user-friendly chain lock
Mantel's choice

Abus IVY Chain 9210 ART3 Chain Lock

RRP 109,95
From 82,95
Our choice for an ART3 chain lock
Mantel's choice

Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809K ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 129,95
From 99,95
Our choice for protecting your (electric) cargo bike from theft
Mantel's choice

Abus CityChain 8800 Chain Lock

RRP 42,95
From 35,95

Abus CityChain 6800 Chain Lock

RRP 34,95
From 28,95

AXA LINQ 100 Pro Chain Lock

RRP 89,95
Holiday pay deals

AXA LINQ City Chain Lock

RRP 53,95
From 29,95

AXA LINQ ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 71,95
From 49,95

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock

RRP 57,99

Abus Granit City-Chain XPlus 1060 ART3 Chain Lock

RRP 189,95
From 129,95
Holiday pay deals

Abus Iven 8210 ART2 Chain Lock

RRP 74,95
From 56,95

AXA ProCarat+ ART4 Chain Lock

RRP 98,95
From 72,95

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