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Hybrid Bikes


A hybrid bike is a sporty bike particularly suitable for commuting and recreational rides. Light and with enough gears so you can get along well even on hilly terrain and in headwinds, but with the comfort and practicality of a city bike. These are the main advantages of hybrid bikes. We have hybrid bikes for men and women in our range. Looking for a bike that makes cycling to work even easier and more enjoyable? Then a hybrid bike is for you!

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Cube Touring
RRP 799,-
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Koga F3 2.0

Trek District 3 Equipped
RRP 1.499,-

Koga F3 3.0

Pegasus Piazza 21
RRP 649,95
Winter Sale

Cannondale Tesoro 2
RRP 1.599,-
Winter Sale

Trek Verve 3 Equipped
RRP 1.199,-

Batavus Dinsdag Sport 30
RRP 1.149,-

Pegasus Piazza 21 Disc
RRP 799,95

Pegasus Premio SL Disc 24
RRP 1.179,-

Sensa Treviso N-7
RRP 949,-

Sensa Treviso N7
RRP 999,-

Sensa Superlite V27 Disc
RRP 1.249,-

BMC 257 Urbanchallenge AL Three
RRP 1.499,-

Gazelle Chamonix T27
RRP 999,-

Gazelle Chamonix T30
RRP 1.199,-

Pegasus Premio SL Disc 27
RRP 1.299,-

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What is a hybrid bike?

A good hybrid bike is lightweight, stiff and has many gears. Also, the position should be adjustable, as this allows you to choose whether you want to use the bike as a sports bike or more as a city bike. A suspension fork can help to increase comfort on bad roads or dirt tracks. If you're planning to hit the dirt tracks often, it is better to opt for a cross-hybrid bike. These are even more suitable for sandy roads.

Are there specific women's and men's hybrid bikes?

We have hybrid bikes for men and women. Although they are marketed as specific women's or men's hybrid bikes, one of the main differences is that the women's frame has a lower entry than the men's frame. Historically, women wore skirts and therefore a low entry frame was more convenient for them. However, a low-entry "women's" bike can be convenient for anyone. In addition, the bikes marketed towards women typically have more small frame size options. So regardless of your gender, you can definitely find the right hybrid bike for you at Mantel.

A hybrid bike with belt drive or bike chain and derailleur?

Most hybrid bikes are equipped with derailleur gears. This makes for very light pedalling and provides more gears. All you need to do is lubricate the chain regularly and you are good to go. Do you want even less maintenance? Then you should go for a hybrid bike with a belt drive. The belt and gears are virtually maintenance free. Just keeping your hybrid bike clean is often enough to ensure it has a long life.

Can I go on a (cycling) holiday with my hybrid bike?

For many, a cycling holiday is an absolute dream. Packing and riding your hybrid bike and riding to your dream destination, enjoying freedom and adventure. If this is something you want to do, it is important to have a low-maintenance, lightweight bike with a wide gear range for tough terrain. A special type of hybrid bicycle was created for just this purpose: the trekking bike. These bikes generally have a somewhat sturdier frame and come with the option of mounting lowriders, so that you can carry more bags.

What is an electric hybrid bike?

Of course, there are also electric hybrid bikes. Do you ride your bike to work every day? Or do you often go on cycling holidays to mountainous areas? If so, you could probably use some extra pedalling support. An electric hybrid bike may be just the thing for you! Electric hybrid bikes have a more lightweight frame, a more sporty seating position and a larger gear range.

What are some of the popular hybrid bike brands?

Mantel has a wide range of hybrid bikes for you to choose from. All brands we sell are of great quality, so we can ensure that any hybrid bike you buy from us will be high-end. Some brands are more expensive than others, but you'll always be able to find a hybrid bike from us that fits your requirements. We sell hybrid bikes of various brands like: All these brands make good lightweight frames that have much of the technology of road bikes and mountain bikes. This gives you a light and smooth ride.