Hybrid Bikes


A hybrid bike is a sporty bike that is particularly suitable for commuting and recreational rides at weekends. Light and with sufficient speeds so that you can handle hilly terrain and headwinds as well, but with the comfort of a city bike. These are the main advantages of hybrid bikes.

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What does a good hybrid bike entail?

A good hybrid bike is light, stiff and has lots of gears. In addition, it is important that the bike has an adjustable seating position. So you can choose whether you want to use the bike as a sports bike or more as a city bike. A suspension fork can help to increase comfort on poorer roads or dirt tracks. Do you want to use your bike often on dirt roads? Then you better buy a crosshybrid. These are even more suitable for sand trails.

Derailleur or a drive belt

Most hybrid bikes are equipped with derailleur gears. This pedals very lightly and gives more gears. All you have to do is lubricate the chain regularly and you can easily get on the road. Want even less maintenance? Then a bicycle with belt drive is best for you. The belt and gears are virtually maintenance free. Keeping your hybrid bike clean is often enough to ensure a long lifespan.

Popular hybrid bikes from Trek, Cube and Koga

Perhaps the best brands for hybrid bikes are Trek, Cube and Koga. These brands make nice and light frames, that use many techniques from road and mountain bikes. Giving you a light and smooth ride.