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You'll always need inner tubes for your road bike, mountain bike, city bike or trekking bike. Either as a spare to bring along on your rides, or to replace that inner tube which has been patched one too many times. Road cyclists and mountain bikers normally just replace their inner tube whenever they suffer a puncture. Most cyclists on city bikes however will choose to patch their inner tube instead. Whatever the reason might be for needing a new inner tube, we've got them in all shapes and sizes, and for any kind of bike.

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Schwalbe SV17 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 6,50

Schwalbe SV15 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 6,50

Schwalbe SV19 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 4,95

Schwalbe AV19 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 3,95

Schwalbe SV18 Inner tube

RRP 10,90
From 6,95

Continental MTB Inner Tube

RRP 10,55
From 3,95

Trivio Race 28 Inner Tube

RRP 8,99
From 4,85

Aktiv-8 Race Inner Tube

RRP 4,75
From 4,25

Schwalbe SV16 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 5,95

Schwalbe SV13 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 3,95

Vredestein FV Latex Inner Tube

RRP 17,-
From 13,95

Schwalbe SV21 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90
From 4,95

Schwalbe SV19F Inner Tube

RRP 11,90

Schwalbe AV7 Inner Tube

RRP 7,90

Schwalbe SV 9C Inner Tube

RRP 7,99
From 4,99

Schwalbe DV10 Inner Tube

RRP 8,90

Schwalbe DV16 Inner Tube

RRP 8,90

Schwalbe DV7 Inner Tube

RRP 8,90

Aktiv-8 MTB Inner Tube

RRP 4,15
From 3,49

Schwalbe SV12 Inner Tube

RRP 8,90

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Inner Tubes - Large range for every type of bike

Inner tubes are an often underestimated yet very important part of your bike. An inner tube is a rubber or latex sort of hose inside your tyre that causes the tyre to harden when it is inflated. Inner tubes are an important part of your bike because cycling without them is quite difficult, as we’re sure you can imagine. We offer many types of inner tubes that vary in material, width and brand. Read on and find out what inner tube you need!

What sorts of inner tubes are there?

Our assortment includes many sorts of inner tubes for every type of bike. Whether you have a road, mountain, electric or gravel bike, we have just the right inner tube for it! We offer the following types of inner tubes: For any type of bike, it is wise to carry a spare inner tube with you when you are on the road. After all, you can get a puncture anywhere and anytime. It is best to keep the spare inner tube in a saddle bag, so it’s always there and ready to be used; plus, it saves you a phone call to a family member or friend and wait for them to come and pick you up!

How should I replace the inner tube of my road bike?

A road bike has thinner tyres than most other bikes, and so road bike tyres are more vulnerable and can puncture more easily. If you’re a road cyclist, you don't want a flat tyre to come at the expense of your ride. This is why it is important to learn how to replace your punctured inner tube yourself. Please refer to this blog, where we explain all the details. The gist is that it is not too difficult, provided you have the right tools. The blog also explains which tools you need to change your inner tube.

What size are my inner tubes?

When you start looking for a new set of inner tubes or a spare inner tube for your bike, you will soon discover that inner tubes come in different sizes. What size you need is often printed on the side of your tyre. It also has to do with your bike’s wheel size. So, if you have 28 inch wheels, you also need 28 inch inner tubes. On the category page you can easily filter on what size inner tube you need.

What material should I choose for my inner tubes?

You can choose inner tubes made of different types of materials. Most inner tubes are made of rubber, as are most of the inner tubes on our website. Latex and polyurethane are fairly new materials that are being used for inner tubes. Such inner tubes have the advantage of being much lighter, more flexible and more durable than traditional rubber inner tubes.

What valve length do I select for my inner tubes?

When you want to buy an inner tube, you can often select different valve lengths. This is because the valve is attached to your inner tube. The length of your valve depends on the height of the rim in your wheel. The higher the rims, the longer the valve of your inner tube must be. You can easily measure the rim height yourself by measuring the rim from any one spoke to the rim flange. The yardstick is that the valve should stick out at least 1.5 cm to leave enough clearance for the head of your bike pump. Valve lengths vary between 32 mm and 80 mm.

How best to inflate my inner tubes?

When you inflate your bike tyre, you are essentially pumping your inner tubes full of air to make your tyres harden. To what pressure (bar) you should inflate your inner tubes depends on the sort of bike and your personal preference. Want to learn more about this? Read this blog. When you know the right pressure for your road bike tyres, read this blog on how best to inflate your tyres.

Which inner tube brand is best?

All the inner tubes we offer are from high-quality brands. Which brand to choose depends on what material you want and how much money you want to spend. The inner tube brands in our range include the following: These are just some of the brands we carry. Check out our inner tubes page to get a complete list.