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A transport bike is cool and practical and, therefore, often considered to be the perfect groceries or school bike. Transport bikes have a handy front rack where you can easily put your bag or other luggage. When fitted with a bike crate or basket, the transport bike is even more convenient. There are different types of transport bikes for men and women, and they are available in many colours and models.

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Cortina U4 Transport R3 Transport Bike

RRP 749,-
Our choice for a trendy school bike
Mantel's choice

Cortina Common Family ND7 Family Bikes

RRP 1.099,-
Free child seats

Gazelle HeavyDutyNL T7

RRP 949,-

Cortina U4 Family RB7 Family Bikes

RRP 1.049,-
Free child seats

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Transport bikes are not only good looking but also functional. They are often equipped with an extra luggage rack on the front, which allows for carrying all kinds of luggage, making it the ultimate bike for going to school or shopping. We have different transport bikes in our range. Check them out here!

What is a transport bike?

Simply put, a transport bike is a bike that allows you to easily transport stuff. This is because they are equipped with a good pannier rack and a front carrier. This makes transport bikes very practical for when you bike to school or work. So a sore or sweaty back because of a heavy bag with books is a thing of the past with a transport bike!

Are there any transport bikes for ladies?

Of course, in our range you can also find transport bikes for ladies. These bikes, unlike the transport bikes for men, feature a low-entry frame. In combination with a bike seat for children, a low-entry frame is also a lot more convenient. This way, you can reach the ground more easily when you lose your balance. A low-entry frame on a transport bike is therefore a lot safer. So is a low-entry frame only suitable for women? Of course not, men can also use this bike.

What frame size transport bike do I need?

Which frame size transport bike you need totally depends on how tall you are. Based on your height, you can easily estimate what size transport bike you need. On the category page on our website, you can easily filter by different body length segments such as:

What transport bike should I buy?

Which transport bike you should buy depends mostly on your own preferences, so we cannot give a specific answer to that question. We do offer different brands of transport bikes. They are all of good quality, you get what you pay for. It all depends on how much you want to spend. One brand of transport bike is more expensive than another. The brands of transport bikes we offer are:

How many gears should my transport bike have?

The number of gears your transport bike has has a big impact on the way you ride. With a larger gear range, you have more choice of gears and can therefore get around more easily in hilly areas. Transport bikes generally have either 3 or 7 gears. If you mainly ride in town on the flat, choose a transport bike with 3 gears. Want a bigger gear range? Then buy a transport bike with 7 gears.

Are there any electric transport bikes?

Is a transport bike exactly what you are looking for, but need some extra pedal assistance? Then we have the perfect solution: a electric transport bike. With a bike like that, you have all the benefits of a transport bike, but cycling is made a lot easier thanks to the electric pedal assist. This makes transporting your stuff even a lot easier!