E-Bike Pannier Bags

Panniers for electric bikes are specially adapted to fit the luggage carrier of an e-bike. The shape of such carriers is often slightly different because  they house the battery underneath. For your e-bike you can choose between single and double panniers. The large sizes are ideal for carrying plenty of luggage including a warm jacket and a picnic blanket, for example, or a spare battery and battery charger for your electric bike.
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AGU Shelter Clean

RRP 65,-
From 59,95
Our choice of waterproof pannier for commuting
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Double Pannier E-bike

RRP 119,95
Our choice for a double pannier bag with MIK
Mantel's choice

Basil Tour Pannier

RRP 54,99
From 49,95
Our choice for a bike bag for daily use
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Single Pannier

RRP 74,95

New Looxs Vigo Pannier

RRP 83,95

Urban Proof Recycled Panniers

RRP 64,99
Green choice

Klickfix Bikebasket Pannier

RRP 64,95
From 57,50

Basil Boheme Pannier

RRP 84,99

Basil Elegance

RRP 84,99

Basil Grand Bicycle Shopper

RRP 56,99

AGU Urban Essentials DWR Pannier

RRP 80,-
Green choice

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