Batavus bikes are among the most popular bikes in the Netherlands. Batavus makes different types of city bikes, electric bikes and kids bikes as well as comfortable touring bikes for those who want to enjoy longer rides. So, whether you are looking for a commuter bike, a reliable bike for your child or another type of bike, Batavus offers a model that is right for you!

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Batavus Bikes | Popular City, Kids, Road & E-Bikes

Batavus Bikes

A Batavus bikes brings you a piece of true Frisian quality. Over 100 years ago, the first Batavus bicycle rolled off the production line. Since then, there have been millions of these Dutch workhorses produced. Nowadays, they focus mainly on Batavus e-bikes and city bikes. Names like the Batavus Finez and Batavus Mambo are well known to many and can be found in many a shed or storage facility.

Batavus City Bike

The Batavus city bikes often come in both a low and high step version, whereby the choice depends on your own preferences. Batavus city bikes are suitable for many applications. From commuting to work or cycling to and from school, to doing your daily shopping or for an afternoon out. There is a suitable Batavus bike for every purpose!

Batavus Dinsdag

The Batavus Dinsdag is a lightweight city bike for men and women, designed to get you through city traffic quickly and safely. Available in several fresh colours and with both high and low step trough: the Batavus Dinsdag is the perfect companion for every day of the week! Because both the Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive and the Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive Plus are equipped with a belt drive and hub gears, these bikes are not only light and sportive, but also low on maintenance. The Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive Plus was voted best bike of the year 2021 for a reason!

Batavus Finez

The flagship among Batavus city bikes is the Batavus Finez. This model offers a tremendous amount of comfort, due to its sophisticated geometry and suspension seatpost. Long rides have never been as enjoyable as on this Batavus touring bike. And if it ever drags on into the dark hours, the special Vizi lighting will help you be even more visible.

Batavus Fonk

The Batavus Fonk is the ideal bike to take to the most crowded places. Because of the low weight, you will always be able to move quickly and because this Batavus bicycle is very manoeuvrable, you will be able to move smoothly through the traffic. In addition, during the design of this bike much thought was given to making the bike less vulnerable. Internal cable routing, smart placement of LED lights and low maintenance components make the Batavus Fonk the perfect bike for the busy city. You can find the Batavus Fonk 3 and the Batavus Fonk 7 in our product range.

Batavus Mambo

The Batavus Mambo has been an immensely popular city bike for both women and men for years. A striking feature of this Batavus bike is its contemporary design, in which the carrier is an integral part of the frame. This makes it extra strong. When you are looking for the perfect Batavus mother bike, the Batavus Mambo Plus is an ideal choice. It has the same trendy design, but is equipped with a wider handlebar to accommodate a child seat, a wider entry, a handlebar lock and a double stand. The automatic chain tensioner is a pleasant addition and further contributes to the low maintenance character of the Mambo Deluxe. This is the ideal bike for young fathers and mothers alike.

Batavus electric bikes

Although the bikes from Batavus are usually lightweight, sometimes you just need an extra push. Batavus e-bikes will help you through the heavy wind in the polder and up the steepest hills. The comfortable Batavus e-bikes make sure that no ride is too demanding!

Batavus Finez E-go

The same features as the Finez city bike can be found on the Batavus Finez E-go range. With a stylish contemporary design, the Finez models are the absolute top of the range among Batavus e-bikes. With hub gears, chain or belt drives and derailleur models available, there really is something for everyone in the Batavus Finez E-go range. Whether you want to make a short ride to the shop or a heavy tour, this Batavus e bike, with its Bosch mid-mounted engine, always gets you to your destination in comfort.

Batavus Velder E-go

With the Batavus Velder E-go, the Frisian brand has put up an unprecedented performance. A bike with an integrated battery, great specifications and a beautiful design for a price that blows the competition away. Of course, the Batavus Velder are equipped with Bosch engines. In addition, you can mount excellent child seats on this bicycle, after which you can safely set off. Thanks to its disc brakes, the Batavus Velder is a great all-round electric bike.


Batavus is very innovative when it comes to safety. Batavus bikes are often equipped with extra safe lighting. Their Vizi-lighting automatically provides a lot of light when it gets dark and the standstill-function makes sure that you are visible for a while when you are standing still. Their V-Light rear light shines a V-shape on the road behind you, so that traffic behind you can see you even better. Furthermore, Batavus has collaborated with TU Delft in designing some of its models. This gives these bikes an even better geometry, so that you can cycle even more comfortably. With Batavus, you can be sure that you are buying a well thought-out bicycle of high quality.