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Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric Bike Selection Guide

Electric City Bikes


An electric city bike gives you a boost while cycling. Mantel has a wide range of electric bikes. For example, there are electric city bikes in various designs for short trips through the city or long trips to school or through beautiful nature. We have an E-bike for every occasion.

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Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

From 1.929,-
RRP 2.149,-

Cortina E-Foss MM Electric Bike

From 1.649,-
RRP 2.249,-

Cortina E-U1 RB3 Electric Bike

From 1.429,-
RRP 1.589,-

Koga E-Nova Evo PT Pro Electric Bike

From 4.499,-
RRP 4.599,-

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB

RRP 3.999,-

Cannondale Adventure Neo 2 EQ

RRP 3.399,-

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

From 2.949,-
RRP 3.299,-

Cortina E-U4 Transport 7V RB

From 2.079,-
RRP 2.399,-

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB

From 2.549,-
RRP 2.849,-

Koga E-Nova Electric Bike

From 2.699,-
RRP 2.999,-

Batavus Finez E-go Power

From 3.049,-
RRP 3.399,-

Pegasus Siena E7F Plus Electric Bike

From 2.299,-
RRP 2.649,-

Koga E-Nova Electric Bike

From 2.599,-
RRP 2.999,-

Cortina E-U4 Transport Family M300

From 2.099,-
RRP 2.349,-

Cortina E-Nite MM Electric Bike

From 2.239,-
RRP 2.489,-

Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ

RRP 3.099,-

Flyer Gotour 6 5.40 Electric Bike

RRP 4.149,-
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