Cortina is a quintessentially Dutch brand which represents the typical "Dutch Fashion Bike". Cortina is a manufacturer of city-, commuter-, and schoolbikes for all ages. The various bikes have a young, modern, fashionable and innovative design. There's plenty of choice, ensuring there's something for everyone in their range. Refined retro-bikes, robust carrier bikes, sporty city bikes, hip mommy bikes- all have their own unique look and feel. Whatever it is you're looking for, Cortina is bound to have something for you!
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Cortina E-Mozzo 7V E-Bike
2.599,- 1.699,-

Cortina U1 3-speed
599,- 539,-

Cortina E-U1 RB3 Electric Bike
1.589,- From 1.429,-

Cortina E-U4 RB7 FM
1.799,- From 1.619,-

Cortina E-Mozzo Pro 8V
3.099,- 2.099,-

Cortina Mozzo ND8 Belt
1.099,- 989,-

Cortina E-Foss N8 FM Electric Bike
1.869,- From 1.689,-

Cortina E-U4 Solid MHB 7V MM
2.499,- From 2.249,-

Cortina E-U4 MHB 7V RB
2.439,- From 2.199,-

Cortina E-U4 Fashion RB7 MM300
2.199,- From 1.949,-

Cortina E-Silento Pro
3.499,- 3.149,-

Cortina U4 Transport R7
799,- 629,-

Cortina E-U4 Transport Family M300
2.349,- From 2.119,-

Cortina Hamburg Bell
9,95 7,95

Cortina U4 Mini Solid J24
459,- 399,-

Cortina U4 Mini R3 J24
499,- 449,-

Cortina U4 Mini R3 M24
519,- 469,-

Cortina U4 R3 Fashion
699,- 619,-

Cortina U4 Mini R3 J26
499,- 449,-