City Bike Pannier Bags

If you have panniers on your city bike, electric bike or mother's bike you can take lots of groceries or luggage with you. We offer designer panniers with cheerful prints for adults and children, as well as very solid panniers for commuters. The latter often have a handy shoulder strap to make it easy to carry your computer and papers when you're not cycling. If you're looking for touring bags for a cycling holiday, you may need a sturdy, waterproof pannier set (cf. our touring panniers).
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AGU Shelter Clean

RRP 65,-
From 59,95
Our choice of waterproof pannier for commuting
Mantel's choice

Basil Tour Pannier

RRP 54,99
From 49,95
Our choice for a bike bag for daily use
Mantel's choice

Basil Elegance

RRP 84,99

Basil Boheme Pannier

RRP 84,99

Basil Navigator Storm

RRP 64,99

Basil Elegance Shopper Single Pannier Bag

RRP 64,99
Green choice

Basil Grand Bicycle Shopper

RRP 56,99

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