Scott Scale

The Scott Scale models are fast cross-country mountain bikes. Thanks to their aggressive geometry, these hardtail MTBs allow you to go a little faster every time on the challenging trails in your area. The front fork has 100mm of travel which makes it easy to ride even the most difficult routes. The absolute top models of the Scott Scale series are even used at pro-level. The carbon models are obviously fastest, but you can still give faster riders a good run for their money on the aluminum models. View and compare the Scott Scale 940, 930 or the 980 models now on this page!
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Scott Scale 925

RRP 2.399,-

Scott Scale 940

RRP 1.799,-

Scott Scale 980

RRP 999,-

Scott Scale 930


Scott Scale RC Team

RRP 3.199,-

Scott Contessa Scale 940

RRP 1.199,-

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Because of the growing number of mountain bike trails, there is no way around it: this branch of cycling is booming! There is an ever-growing group of MTB riders who want nothing more than to tear themselves between trees, through bends and over jumps as fast as possible. Since the Scott Scale, with its aggressive racing geometry, will automatically make you go faster than ever, this range of mountain bikes is the ideal bike for many mountain bikers. From the avid beginner to the experienced KOM-hunter, Scott has an MTB for everyone!

Cross-country racer

The Scott Scale line is made for speed. Like other cross country MTBs, these hardtail mountain bikes have less wide handlebars, a slightly longer stem and a front fork with a smaller suspension travel than a full suspension mountain bike. The result is a cyclist that makes you very fast on flatter terrain and uphill. The more technical the terrain, the more a full suspension mountain bike has an advantage, but on relatively flat courses, you will be faster almost everywhere with a cross country mountain bike, such as the Scott Scale.

Wide range of models

The great strength of the Scott Scale series lies in its diversity. For a smaller budget, you can buy the aluminium Scott Scale 980. If, as a mountain cyclist, you slowly need a better and faster bike, the Scale 980 is easy to upgrade with, for example, new tyres, wheels or even a different front fork. The more expensive carbon models, such as the Scott Scale 940, are already very close to a real racing MTB, where even the most advanced cyclist will be impressed. So if you buy the Scott Scale as a beginner: know that this bike can grow with you as you become more fanatical and better.

Complete the look: Syncros parts

Scott always manages to finish his bikes in style with Syncros parts. Originating in 1986, this brand was one of the best-known and highest-rated parts manufacturers in the off-road world throughout the 1990s. In 2012, Scott Sports bought up the Syncros brand. Since then, one thing has become clear: The combination of Scott bikes with Syncros components has always succeeded. Together, they provide a high degree of integration. On the Scale mountain bikes, you can see this in the complementary saddles and integrated spacers, among other things. The Syncros components thus complete the Scott Scales!