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Panniers come in many shapes en sizes. But which panniers are the best and most suited? All panniers are made for a different goal. There's city bike panniers, e-bike panniers, but also saddle bags for road bikes and mountain bikes. For adventurers going on a cycling trip, we also have a wide range of bikepacking and waterproof panniers available. We've got fitting panniers for every cyclist.
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Topeak Aero Wedge Pack Clip Saddle Bag
From 17,95
RRP 23,95
Autumn on your road bike

AGU Shelter Clean Large
RRP 60,-
Green choice

Basil Tour XL Pannier
RRP 52,99

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Bikepacking Saddle Bag
From 116,-
Autumn on your MTB/gravel bike

Basil Urban Load Pannier
From 37,95
RRP 49,99

Gazelle Single Pannier
RRP 69,95
Autumn on your e-bike

Vaude Aqua Back Plus
RRP 153,-
Green choice

Basil City Double Pannier
From 51,95
RRP 64,99

Vaude Race Light Saddle Bag
From 11,95
RRP 13,95
Green choice

AGU Venture Frame Pack
From 34,95
RRP 40,-
Green choice

Vaude Aqua Back
From 99,95
RRP 132,-
Green choice

Topeak MidLoader Frame Bag
From 39,95
RRP 51,50
Autumn on your MTB/gravel bike

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack QR Handlebar Bag
Autumn on your MTB/gravel bike

Evoc Saddle Bag
From 17,-
RRP 22,-

Evoc Multi Frame Pack Frame Bag
From 29,-
RRP 40,-

Topeak Drybag Saddle Bag
From 25,95
RRP 35,95

AGU Venture Snack Pack Handlebar Bag
RRP 25,-
Green choice

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Bicycle Panniers

Panniers are an ideal way to bring a lot of stuff with you whenever you’re heading out with your bicycle. Anything from inexpensive panniers for your simple daily shop to waterproof panniers suitable for your commute to and from work. Single panniers are ideal for trips to school while large panniers for e-bikes make for the perfect day out. There’s plenty of choice from our range of Ortlieb panniers, Basil bags, or New Looxs products. If you’re looking to buy new panniers, then you’ve come to the right place at Mantel! So pimp your ride with a few new nice bags, and head on out into the world!

Single panniers: plenty of space for the small stuff

A single pannier hangs off one side of your luggage rack, and is ideal for when you don’t need to bring all that much with you. Single panniers are also available as removable bags, meaning you can bring your laptop and documents straight inside with you. Simply leaving your panniers out in the rain isn’t necessary then! A pick-up pannier transforms into a good-looking messenger bag in seconds. Single panniers are also great for day trips on the bike. Plan on going a little further afield? Double panniers are the way to go. Expect a typical British summer on your travels? Then consider opting for waterproof bicycle panniers. It’s reassuring to know your gear gets to where you’re going safe and dry. Popular brands for single panniers are Ortlieb, Basil, Thule, Vaude, New Looxs, and Fastrider.

Double Panniers: bring more on the bike

Double panniers allow you to bring a lot more gear with you on the bike. Basic panniers are ideal for when you just want to use them for your daily shop. Waterproof panniers are perfect for when you’re going on long daytrips with the bike. Double panniers are a little harder to bring with you off the bike compared to single-sided bags though. If you really want to start hauling stuff around, then go for the large panniers with extra space inside. So load up your bicycle with Fastrider panniers, Basil panniers, Ortlieb panniers, Thule bags, Vaude panniers, or one of the many other great brands in our range. Plan on taking a cycling holiday? Then trekking panniers or bikepacking bags are perfect for you. These bags are meant for the true two-wheeled globetrotters. Adventures on the bike demand adequate equipment, and a set of nice trekking panniers will help you enjoy the trip all that much more.

Waterproof panniers: bags for all-weather commuters

waterproof pannier bag will help you get all your valuable items and documents to where you’re going safe and dry. Waterproof panniers are available as both single-sided and double panniers, meaning there’s a bag out there to suit your needs. Some of them, such as canvas panniers, are only water repellent. They can stand up to a brief shower, but you’re better off bringing your valuables such as documents or a laptop in a fully waterproof bag. There’s plenty of choice with Thule panniers, Basil panniers, Vaude panniers, New Looxs panniers, Fastrider panniers, Ortlieb panniers, and so much more.

Removable panniers

Removable panniers are easily clicked into place on your luggage rack. They prevent you from having to carry a sweaty, hot bag on your back while you’re out riding. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply remove the bag from the carrier and sling it over your shoulder with the frequently included messenger bag strap. These good-looking panniers also often have their own unique, distinctive look, meaning there’s something for everyone. Ideal for the cycling commuters who need to bring their valuables and documents but don’t want to mess around with a backpack. Is foul weather no reason to take the train to work for you? Then make sure you get yourself a waterproof cycling pannier. Make sure you don’t need special E-bike panniers, as some rear luggage racks are adapted to suit e-bike batteries.

Good-looking panniers: add a dash of colour to your commute

While panniers might have looked a little dull in the past, that certainly isn’t the case today. Tricking out your bike was never easier with so much choice in colours and prints! Give your bike a brand new look with a single-sided or double set of panniers in your favourite colour. Many great panniers feature a funky print or a sleek monochrome colour scheme. Basil panniers are available for instance in both bright prints and sober hues. New Looxs panniers can also be considered diverse when it comes to styling, and Vaude panniers, Thule panniers, Ortlieb panniers, and Fastrider panniers too have joined the trend and offer a good-looking set of bags for everyone. Many of these are water resistant panniers or even waterproof panniers, meaning your possessions will get to where you’re going safe and sound.

Children’s panniers: bags for students

There are panniers for children too, so even the youngest cyclists can bring their school supplies with them on the bike. A pannier doesn’t just have to be a pannier either, what with the removable bags in our collection. These panniers often come with a shoulder strap or regular carrier straps so your child can simply bring the bag with them into class. Simply hang the pannier off your luggage rack and pick it up again once you’ve arrived at your destination. We have plenty of choice when it comes to good-looking panniers, with bags by New Looxs or Basil. A waterproof pannier makes sure their schoolbooks get there safe and dry. Sadly, that also means that the excuse of rain having destroyed your homework won’t work anymore.

E-Bike panniers: head out with a set of panniers for your electric bicycle

The electric bike, or ebike, is immensely popular these days when it comes to taking up day trips. More often than not these bikes use a slightly different luggage rack to accommodate the battery, meaning you need specific panniers for ebikes. E-bike panniers come both as single- and dual sided bags. Bring along something to eat and drink, throw in a picnic blanket and head on out. Chance of showers along the way? Then go for a waterproof pannier. Rather just want a small bag on your handlebars? Then have a look at our collection of bar-mounted bags.

Buying panniers: all the great names in one online shop

If you’re looking for new panniers, then you’ve come to the right place at Mantel. Purchasing panniers online has never been easier. We carry Ortlieb panniers, Vaude panniers, Basil panniers, Fastrider Panniers, New Looxs panniers, and Thule panniers. There are specific trekking panniers with extra strong and waterproof bags to take on cycling holidays. If you really want to bring a lot with you, then we’ve even got bar-mounted bags listed under bikepacking. Our outlet shows you all our greatest offers, meaning you can get a great bag at a competitive price. Wherever you may wish to take your panniers, Mantel has the fitting product for you.