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Panniers come in many shapes and sizes. Which bike bag is actually the best and most suitable? Each bag is made for a different purpose. From panniers for your electric bike to saddle bags for your road bike. Waterproof bags are ideal for the adventurer going on a cycling holiday. Double panniers allow you to carry a lot of stuff. Ideal for a day trip, for example, as you have twice as much space with these panniers! 

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Topeak Bikepacking Set

RRP 169.70
From 138.30
Our choice for a bikepacking bag set for the novice bikepacker
Mantel's choice

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Our choice for an all-round pannier
Mantel's choice

Topeak BackLoader Saddle Bag

RRP 59.40
From 47.20
Our choice for a bikepacking saddle bag with the best value for money
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Double Pannier E-bike

RRP 101.80
Our choice for a double pannier bag with MIK
Mantel's choice

Topeak MidLoader Frame Bag

RRP 42.40
From 38.60
Our choice for a frame bag hanging from your top tube
Mantel's choice

Basil Tour Pannier

RRP 46.70
From 42.90
Our choice for a bike bag for daily use
Mantel's choice

Topeak Fuel Tank Frame Bag

RRP 38.20
Our choice for a frame bag for on your top tube
Mantel's choice

AGU Venture Frame Pack

RRP 38.20
From 34.30
Green choice

Vaude Aqua Back Plus

RRP 161.30
Green choice

Restrap Bikepacking Set

RRP 274.10
From 234.50

Gazelle Single Pannier

RRP 63.60

Basil City Double Pannier

RRP 55.20
From 36.00

Vaude Race Light Saddle Bag

RRP 13.60
From 12.00
Green choice

AGU Shelter Clean

RRP 55.20
From 42.90
Green choice

Restrap Frame Bag

RRP 61.10
From 50.70

Brooks Scape Pouch Handlebar Bag

RRP 59.40
Top Deal

AGU Venture Handlebar Pack

RRP 59.40
Green choice

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What types of panniers are there?

Panniers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a trendy bike bag, fun bike bags or bike bags for women, there is always a suitable bike bag for you. Which bike bag you should have depends on the type of bike you ride, among other things. Pannier bags for your electric bike or pannier bags for your city bike can be easily mounted on your luggage rack. Mountain bikes and road bikes do not have pannier racks on the back of their bikes as standard. With panniers for your road bike, MTB or gravel bike, you have a choice between touring panniers or bikepacking bags. For example, are you looking for a frame bag, handlebar bag or a saddle bag for your upcoming bike holiday? We have it all, from bike backpacks to detachable pannier bags!

What brands of panniers do we sell?

We offer a very wide range of high-quality panniers. For example, we sell a number of popular brands, such as: This is just a sample of our very wide range. So take a quick look at our pannier bags page!

What is the difference between a single pannier bag single and double pannier bags?

For your city bike, you have a choice between a single pannier bag or double pannier bags. A double pannier bag hangs on both sides of the carrier, single panniers only on one side. A single pannier bag is handy when you don't need to carry much stuff on your bike, such as your jacket. Double panniers are handy if you want to make a long day trip, for example. Do you have a lot of stuff to transport, such as your weekly groceries? Then these panniers give you double the space.

Are all panniers waterproof?

Not all panniers in our range are waterproof. Whether panniers are waterproof depends on the fabric used for the bag. Do you bike to school or work in all weathers? Then it's best to choose a water-repellent pannier bag or waterproof pannier bag. This will keep all your belongings dry, even in the strongest downpour. Are you more of a fair-weather cyclist and do you bike through a little rain every now and then? Then a pannier bag that splashproof is sufficient.

Are there special panniers for my electric bike?

Do you have an e-bike with a battery under the carrier? If so, you may find that not all pannier bags fit on your carrier. With bike bags for e-bikes, special consideration has been given to the battery under the carrier. A pannier bag for e-bikes should have thinner and wider straps to secure it. Single panniers often feature a hook system. On an e-bike, the hooks need to be thinner to fit on the back of your rack.

Do I need small or large panniers?

We have panniers with different contents in our range, such as: Does the number of litres mean nothing to you at all? For a number of panniers on our website, you will find photos showing what will fit in the pannier. That will help you make a better estimate.