If you are looking to buy a bike online, whether an e-bike, road bike, mountain bike or a city bike, we have it all for you at Mantel in our online bike shop. We also have kids bikes, transport bikes and family bikes in all shapes and sizes. We have enough choice for every type of bike. Order your bike online, have it delivered at home or choose to test ride it up at one of our Superstores.

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Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.799,-
From 3.449,-
Our choice of electric bike for commuting
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.599,-
Our choice of electric city bike
Mantel's choice

BMC Teammachine SLR Five

RRP 4.299,-
Our choice for a top-of-the-range performance road bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.149,-
From 1.899,-
Our choice for the electric bike with the best price-performance ratio
Mantel's choice

Cannondale Caad13 Disc 105

RRP 2.199,-
Our choice for a mid-range performance road bike
Mantel's choice

Cortina U4 Transport R3 Transport Bike

RRP 749,-
Our choice for a trendy school bike
Mantel's choice

Cortina Foss ND3 City bike

RRP 759,-
Top Deal

Cube Nuroad

RRP 949,-

Cube Attain

RRP 899,-

Cube Agree C:62 Pro

RRP 3.299,-

Trek Emonda SL 5

RRP 2.699,-

Cube Nuroad Pro

RRP 1.199,-

Cortina E-Lett Electric Bike

RRP 2.599,-
Cortina E-Lett giveaway

Trek Emonda SL 6 Pro Di2

RRP 3.999,-

Trek District+ 6 Electric Bike

RRP 3.099,-
From 2.399,-

Buy a Bike | Large range of bike brands & models

Buying a bike online is no longer an exception. Whether you're looking for an electric bike, mountain bike or road bike. As long as you know what you're looking for, you can always find a cheap bike with us.

What size bike should I buy?

The right frame size is important for a good cycling experience. Manufacturers therefore produce bikes in many sizes so that there is always a bike suitable for your height. A bike that is too small or too large can lead to an inferior riding experience and even injuries. There are several rules of thumb to calculate the ideal frame size. Based on these rules of thumb and knowledge and experience, specialists can give you good advice. With each of our bikes, you will therefore find not only the frame size but also an indication of the corresponding height. But bear in mind that the proportions may vary from one individual to another. Feel free to test ride in the bike shops if you are not sure about the size.

What brands of bikes are there?

There are many bike brands, each with their unique style and features. Choosing the right brand can be a daunting task. It is therefore important to delve into your requirements. That way, you can find a bike that suits your preferences. Some popular bicycle brands are:

What is a family bike?

Family bike are categorised under city bikes. As a parent, you naturally want a bike you can get around on anywhere. From daily errands to picking up children at school, the family bike is perfectly equipped for it. Most family bikes have plenty of gears and room for one or more child seats. The frame is often extra sturdy to carry all those heavy loads. With a good family bike, you won't turn your back on anything.

Are there any specific boys' and girls' bikes?

Children's bikes also come in countless varieties. Whether you are looking for a sturdy boys' bike or a colourful girls' bike, we have it! The children's bikes from Pegasus and Alpina in particular offer great value for money, and both brands have cheap children's bicycles that can still take a fair bit of punishment.

Can I come for a test drive?

Of course, you can visit Mantel for a test ride. Before you leave, though, check whether the bike is available in your nearest Superstore. To test ride, you can visit the Superstores below: Click on the links above for the address details and opening hours of the relevant location.