Gravel Bikes


A gravel bike is a variation on a road bike, specially made for very diverse surfaces. The frames are more robust than those of road bikes, and you can mount much wider tyres on them to be able to ride on almost any type of terrain. From asphalt to long dirt roads, from gravel paths to MTB trails, on your incredibly versatile gravel bike you can take every turn you come across!

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Bulls Grinder 2

RRP 1.399,-
Our choice for an entry-level gravel bike
Mantel's choice

Cannondale Topstone 1

Our choice for a mid-range gravel bike
Mantel's choice

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 3

Our choice for a top-of-the-range gravel bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Nuroad

RRP 949,-

Cube Nuroad Pro

RRP 1.199,-

Cube Nuroad FE

RRP 1.049,-

Koga Colmaro Allroad

RRP 2.449,-

Cannondale Topstone Apex 1

RRP 2.199,-

Cube Nuroad Pro FE

RRP 1.399,-

Scott Speedster Gravel 40

RRP 1.899,-

Scott Speedster Gravel 60

RRP 1.399,-


RRP 3.499,-

Cube Cross Race Pro

RRP 1.649,-

Sensa Romagna Gravel GRX

RRP 1.999,-

Cube Cross Race

RRP 1.249,-

BMC Urs One

RRP 3.799,-

Scott Speedster Gravel 10

RRP 2.999,-

BMC URS LT Two Gravel Bike

RRP 6.499,-

Bulls Grinder 3

RRP 1.699,-

Bulls Machete Apex

RRP 2.799,-

Cube Nuroad Race

RRP 1.649,-

Cannondale Topstone 2 Gravel Bike

RRP 1.999,-

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Buying a gravel bike? Large range of gravel bikes!

What is a gravel bike?

A gravel bike is often seen as a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. The frame of a gravel bike is very similar to a road bike frame, but the tyres are more like MTB tyres. With a gravel bike, you can ride on both paved and unpaved roads. So you can discover a much more varied landscape. Is this what you are looking for? Then you should buy a gravel bike! 

What kind of pedals should I choose for my gravel bike?

If you want to install click pedals on your gravel bike, it's best to choose MTB pedals. So the cycling shoes that best suit them are the MTB shoes. Surely, these specific pedals and shoes come in handy best when you want to go long stretches off road with your gravel bike. If you still want to go for road bike pedals then of course that is also possible. It just depends on what you like best yourself.

Do I take a gravel bike with a single or double front chainring?

This rather depends on the terrain you will be cycling on your gravel bike. If you mainly do flat rides then you should opt for a gravel bike with a 2x drivetrain. This gives you a wide gear range that makes it easy to find the most optimal gear. If you're more into exploring rougher gravel courses with more altitude, a gravel bike with a single front chainring will suit you better. With this, shifting gears is a lot easier while your range remains the same. Besides, with a single front chainring you have less maintenance, less weight and less adjustment work.

Can I also use my gravel bike as a road bike?

With some modifications, you can make your gravel bike pass for a road bike just fine. The most important modification to achieve this is your tyres. If you swap your gravel tyres for smoother road bike tyres then you can go a lot faster. Should you still want to go for maximum speed on the road? Then opting for a road bike will be the better choice.

What else should I look out for when buying a gravel bike?

There are a lot of things you need to consider even more when buying a gravel bike. Some of these include the type of gravel handlebars, the geometry of the frame, the frame material and the groupset of the gravel bike.