Cube Nuroad

The Nuroad is Cube's response to the craze among sporty cyclists: gravel riding. No other bike can match the versatility and sense of freedom of a gravel bike. The Cube Nuroad can tackle any surface from asphalt, gravel and dirt roads to easier singletrack. With comfortable wide tyres and a carbon fork for damping on every model, the Cube Nuroad models are the bike of choice for taking on the adventure anytime, on or off the beaten track. View all our Cube Nuroad Pro and Race models here!
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Cube Nuroad

RRP 949,-

Cube Nuroad Pro

RRP 1.199,-

Cube Nuroad FE

RRP 1.049,-

Cube Nuroad Pro FE

RRP 1.399,-

Cube Nuroad Race

RRP 1.649,-

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The Cube Nuroad manages to combine the most useful features of a road bike, cross bike and a mountain bike. Wide gravel tyres give you plenty of grip on trickier surfaces. The road bike handlebars allow you to have an aerodynamic, deep seat in the stirrups for plenty of speed. And thanks to a slightly higher placed bottom bracket, you have a bit more clearance with the surface, very handy when you have to cycle over an obstacle. Versatility has therefore been a key pillar when designing the Cube Nuroad.

Cube Nuroad FE: Fully Equipped

Even more versatile than any other bike in the Cube Nuroad range are the special Nuroad FE bikes. This is because the addition of the last 2 letters here stands for "Fully Equipped". This bike features mudguards, with integrated rear light, and a luggage rack. This will keep you dry during your rides and, with a suitable touring panniers, you can carry even more gear. Should this not be enough? You can mount a lowrider on the front fork for even more luggage capacity. And even a headlight, Knog Oi bell and a sturdy stand have not been forgotten. An ideal hybrid bike for those smooth rides to and from work or for a challenging cycling holiday. Although a sturdy bike lock is then recommended.

The Cube Nuroad is a way of life!

Experienced gravel riders know it all along, of course, but graveling is much more than just cycling. It is a way of life! Get to places you never thought you would get to with a bike, grab your bottle from the bottle holder on your Cube Nuroad, sit around in a nice spot and enjoy. If you want the whole experience, bring a gas burner and make your own coffee or soup. Just want to go wild on the trails? The fast Cube Nuroad has no problems with that either, but for your own safety, don't forget to put on a bike helmet.