Cycling Rainwear


Good rainwear protects you from the worst weather, making sure you stay dry during heavy downpour. There are many types of rainwear for on and off the bike. Our range consists from complete rain suits to trendy rain jackets. We have rainwear for road cyclists and mountain bikers that not only withstand a heavy shower or an entire day of rain, but that is also lightweight and easy to store.

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The best rain gear both on and off the bike

There's nothing more annoying than arriving at school or work soaking wet from a massive downpour. To avoid spending the whole morning with wet trousers, good rainwear is essential. With the right rain jacket, rain trousers or rain suit, this problem is a thing of the past. Thanks to the water-repellent fabric, you keep the rain out, keeping your clothes nice and dry! Do you still have questions? These are answered below!

What rainwear is out there?

Rainwear comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of rainwear for biking on. Our range of rainwear can be divided into four categories, namely: Are you looking for just a rain jacket? We have a wide selection of water-resistant coats to choose from. Is your regular jacket already water-repellent or waterproof and are you looking for rain trousers? Then take a look at our rain trousers. If you want to go all the way, opt for a rain suit. A rain suit is made up of a rain jacket and rain trousers. This way, you protect yourself optimally against the autumn weather. Among the accessories you will find waterproof gloves. These gloves make sure your hands stay nice and warm.

What is the difference between water-repellent and fully waterproof rainwear?

It may sound contradictory, but not all rainwear in our range is fully waterproof. Water-repellent rainwear is very close to completely waterproof rainwear, only the seams are not fully sealed, allowing for more ventilation. Waterproof clothing is ideal for those spring or summer showers as it does not only protect you from the rain, but doesn't get too hot because it still has some breathability characteristics. Don't want to take the risk of getting wet? Then choose our fully waterproof rainwear!

Do you also have rainwear for both men and women?

Of course, we have rainwear for both women and men. In terms of fit, our rain jackets can be divided into rain jackets for women and for men. The fit of a ladies' rain coat is perfectly tailored to the female body.

Which rainwear is best?

The rainwear found in our range is all from very high-quality brands. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint a best brand. The brands of rainwear we sell are: Our most famous rainwear brand is AGU. This brand is known for combining high-quality but also stylish rainwear. So, with a AGU rain jacket and a AGU rain trousers, you will not only stay dry, but also look great.

What is breathability in rainwear?

Breathability means how ventilated your rain jacket is. If your jacket has no breathability at all, you won't be able to release your heat and you will probably arrive at work very sweaty. The degree of breathability is indicated by stars. The rain jackets with 2 stars are not very breathable, while the jackets with 5 stars are very breathable.

Is there specific rainwear for road cycling or mountain biking?

There is certainly also rainwear for road cycling and mountain biking. The difference between normal rainwear for the city bike and rainwear for exercising is in the aerodynamics. On a mountain bike or road bike, you naturally want to be as fast as possible. So that includes tight and aerodynamic rainwear! Normal rainwear is all a bit wider and more comfortable.