Gazelle Orange


The Gazelle Orange is Gazelle's most populair series of electric and city bikes. The popular entry model, the Gazelle Orange C7 HFP, is the best bike for those who want a normal electric city bike for everyday use. Prefer to pedal a little more and save some money? Then the Gazelle Orange C7 Plus bike is for you. All Gazelle Orange models we have in a men's or women's bike.

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Gazelle Orange C7+ HMB
2.499,- From 2.249,-

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB
2.699,- From 2.499,-

Gazelle Orange C8
949,- 849,-

Gazelle Orange Limited 7 HMB
2.599,- From 2.399,-

Gazelle Orange C5 HMS
2.999,- 2.199,-

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Gazelle Orange keeps getting better

The Gazelle Orange is Gazelle's best selling city bike. And that's not surprise. Gazelle keeps renewing and improving the Orange. The new 2019 electric versions of the Gazelle Orange are even more powerful, safer and more comfortable than their predecessors. The motor is concealed even better and the frame is stiffer. Thanks to that stiff frame, cycling feels even lighter and you ride faster without having to pedal harder.

Regular or electric bikes

You can get the Gazelle Orange in two variants, one with and one without auxiliary motor. But no matter which variant you choose, you know that you are opting for a Dutch top brand. The Gazelle Orange is not for nothing the best selling city bike in the Netherlands!

Tested by the ANWB and the Consumers' Association

Because of its popularity, the Gazelle Orange series is also on the radar of, among others, the ANWB and the Consumers' Association. So they are regularly exposed to their critical eyes. And with success. The Orange series has already passed the tests brilliantly several times.