Batavus Dinsdag


The Batavus Dinsdag is an ideal city bike for every day use. Whether you are just going out for a shop, have to cycle to school or just want to take the bike instead of always having to take the car. Thanks to the solid frame and Nexus shifters, the Batavus Dinsdag is a rock solid bike to cycle many miles without a hitch.

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Batavus Dinsdag Exclusive Plus City bike

RRP 1.649,-
Our choice of city bike for commuting
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<p><strong>Batavus Dinsdag</strong></p>
<p>The Batavus Dinsdag, Dutch quality with a sleek design. The sleek frame has nice details and a sporty sitting position. The frame looks slim and slender but is extremely robust. The straight front fork and high rims provide a fast and sporty look and give the bike optimal stiffness. The cables are nicely tucked away in the frame. A nice design feature is the luggage carrier which is mounted as if its floats. The 7 speeds and roller brakes make this bike ideal for daily use. The Batavus Aerflow headlight has been awarded the 3 star RAI quality mark for bicycle lighting.</p>