For maintenance or repair on your bike, you can make your own appointment in our workshop planner. Select the service or work you'd like done, choose a date and location, and confirm your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you can drop off your bike in the first business hour of the store. This varies by location, so be sure to check the opening hours here.

You will receive an email when your bike is ready to be picked up. We will also contact you before the end of the day if the repair is taking longer than expected.

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Book an appointment by telephone?

You can also contact our customer service to make an appointment for maintenance or repair at one of our stores, call us at 026-3230809.

In our workshop planner you can make your own appointment and see when we have time to work on your bike. The months of April through September are generally the most popular for scheduling maintenance or repair. A waiting time of more than 3 weeks is unfortunately no exception.

More and more people have started cycling and all these bikes need maintenance. The months April to September are generally the most popular months to schedule maintenance or repair. During this time, it may take longer for it to be your turn. Outside of this period, wait times may not be as long.

You can always come by with your bike. But when it's busy in our workshop, we can unfortunately not help you on short notice.

Like a car which needs an annual APK (MOT), the maintenance of your bike is important. Good maintenance keeps your bike parts in good condition, so wear and tear can be limited. In addition, in some situations it is important that you can prove that you have had your bike serviced regularly so that the warranty remains valid. As the manufacturer's warranty can expire if a defect is caused by insufficient or incorrect maintenance.

We recommend having a first service carried out within the first six months or after 500 km. Cycling causes the material of your bike to move. Think of spokes, bolts and nuts that can vibrate and come undone. If you wait too long, this can cause bigger problems. A loose spoke, for example, can cause a bent wheel.

After this first service it is advisable to have your bike serviced once a year or to maintain your bike properly yourself. A service or maintenance can be performed by Mantel or a local bike repair shop. Make sure you keep the invoice for the warranty on your bike.

If you like to maintain your bike yourself, you'll find tips and explanations in our blogs on what proper maintenance of your bike entails.

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