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FAQ: Expected delivery time

No, you cannot reserve products. At Mantel you can only order products which we have in stock. This may sound strange, but we would rather 'disappoint' you right away than have to tell you afterwards that we cannot deliver the product after all. That is not something we like to do. Should you wish to contact customer services with this question, the answer will be no.

Yes, we will always give you the delivery time as we know it. If there is a change at the supplier, it will change on this spot immediately as well. Our customer service team can only tell you what is stated here.

Yes, the supplier expects to deliver the product to us on this date. This is an expectation, not a certainty. The delivery time can change.

Yes and no. It depends on the popularity of the product. But also on the expected delivery time and the number of people who have already subscribed. For example, if you want to get your hands on a popular product quickly, the chances are slim. Examples of popular products include cycle trainers, road bikes and mountain bikes as well as components such as cassettes and chains.

Because of the scarcity, suppliers divide the stock. This means that delivery times may differ between bike stores.

No, we can't. This is an estimated date and can change. Our top customer service people know as much as you can see on our website. So if you want to contact us to see if there is anything we can do, we'll have to disappoint you and we'd rather not!

Partly, cycling seems to be one of the sports you can do corona-proof. The whole of the Netherlands, as well as our neighbouring countries, have taken to cycling in droves. As a result, demand for bikes and all their parts and accessories has risen. But the supply in bike products has slowed down because of the pandemic. All over the world, factories and production processes have come to a standstill. For your perspective, the production process of a bike from start to finish takes three years. has written a complete and clear story about this in Dutch: "Where is my bicycle? How come bike stores are (almost) empty".

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