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Pannier racks for your bike come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a pannier rack for your city bike, or a set of pannier racks with a front pannier rack and rear pannier rack for a long cycling trip, we've got a wide array available. Every pannier rack is suited for a specific use. For a touring bike you'll want a light rack that still can carry all your luggage. For a city bike or transport bike, a proper, sturdy pannier rack that can handle heavy loads is ideal. And for the high school crowd of course, an extra robust pannier rack that's up to the task of holding and carrying heavy panniers.

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Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Rack

RRP 99,90

SKS Infinity Universal Rear Rack

RRP 109,99
From 89,95

Steco Comfort Front Rack

RRP 34,95

Basil Transport Front Rack

RRP 59,99

Topeak MTX Dual Side Frame

RRP 35,99

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Pannier Racks | Front & rear luggage carriers

There are many different types of baggage carriers and accessories, such as the Urban Proof pannier rack cushion and carrier straps. A rack allows you to carry a lot of stuff with you on your bike. In our assortment you will find luggage carriers for road bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes.

Front or rear luggage carrier?

In our range we offer pannier racks that can be attached to both the front and rear of your bike. The advantage of rear carriers is that high weight luggage can be carried without affecting your balance too much. Luggage carriers on the back of the bike are therefore best suited for attaching a child bike seat or pannier bags. In addition, the advantage of a front rack is that you can easily keep an eye on your luggage, and your belongings are often within easy reach.

Are there luggage carrier for your road bike or mountain bike?

A sport bike never actually comes with a luggage carrier, but in some cases it can be very convenient to have a luggage carrier on your road bike. This can be mounted to your seat post, for example, so you can still easily carry gear. A rack for your mountain bike can also be attached to the seat post. That way, transporting gear becomes very easy.

What accessories are there for my pannier rack?

There are several accessories for your rack to carry even more gear, for example. The most popular accessory is a carrier cushion. With this you can easily take someone with you on the back who can also sit comfortably. To take more stuff with you, you can also choose from a luggage carrier extension or a luggage carrier widener. With a good luggage carrier, taking stuff along becomes an easy job! You can also equip your luggage carrier with straps, which allow you to easily attach your gear to the carrier.