Gazelle is one of the most popular bike brands in the Netherlands. From Gazelle electric bikes to regular city bikes. Gazelle has some very popular models such as the Gazelle Orange, the Ultimate and the Gazelle Grenoble. Gazelle electric city bikes are very reliable and are equipped with very good pedal assistance. Combined with the rock-solid bike frames and over 100 years of experience, Gazelle bikes are the best bikes you can get.

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Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.799,-
From 3.429,-
Our choice of electric bike for commuting
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Paris C7 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.149,-
From 1.879,-
Our choice for the electric bike with the best price-performance ratio
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.599,-
Our choice of electric city bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Bloom C7 Family Bikes

RRP 1.199,-
Our choice of family bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 4.099,-
From 3.879,-
Our choice for a comfortable electric weekend bike
Mantel's choice

Gazelle Easyflow HMS Electric Bike

RRP 2.999,-
From 2.779,-

Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.449,-
From 2.149,-

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 3.099,-
From 2.729,-

Gazelle Eclipse C380 HMB Electric Bike

RRP 5.999,-
E-bike of the Year 2024

Gazelle HeavyDutyNL T7

RRP 949,-

Gazelle Paris C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.699,-
From 2.539,-

Gazelle Orange C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.899,-
From 2.649,-

Gazelle Grenoble C7+ HMB Electric Bike

RRP 2.999,-
From 2.679,-

Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.299,-
From 2.929,-

Gazelle Avignon C8 HMB Connect Electric Bike

RRP 3.999,-
From 2.999,-
Top Deal

Gazelle Chamonix C5 HMS Electric Bike

RRP 3.599,-
From 3.209,-

Gazelle Makki Travel Electric Cargo Bike

RRP 6.699,-
From 6.365,-

Gazelle electric bikes

Never had enough of wind against or having to toil up steep bridges? A electric bike from Gazelle will give you that extra boost. A Gazelle electric bike stands for pure Dutch quality, and ensures that you can continue to enjoy biking. Many of the regular models are also available as e-bikes, such as the Gazelle Orange e-bike, Gazelle Chamonix e-bike or the Gazelle Miss Grace e-bike. Gazelle uses a number of abbreviations to indicate where the motor is located. The HFP bikes have a front-wheel motor. These are located in the front wheel hub and provide reliable pedal assistance. Examples are the Gazelle Orange C7 Plus HFP and Gazelle Miss Grace HFP. The HMB bikes have a reliable Bosch mid-drive motor. This motor is placed low in the frame, resulting in an agile, stable bike, such as the Gazelle Orange C8 HMB or the Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB. These e-bikes with Bosch mid-drive motor are real all-rounders and make sure you can go out in comfort. Then there are the HMS, which are equipped with the Shimano Steps system. A fully tuned drivetrain from Shimano that even offers the possibility of automatic gear changing. Ultimate ease of use. You will find the Shimano Steps system on the Gazelle Orange C8 HMS, for example.

Gazelle Speed Pedelecs

Do you repeatedly have to queue up in traffic every day? Then a high speed e-bike might be a good alternative! A high-speed e-bike is also called a Speed Pedelec. These electric bikes have a powerful Bosch mid-drive motor which gives more power than a regular Gazelle e-bike and offers pedal assistance up to 45 km/h! As the motor is placed low in the middle of the frame, the bike remains stable and manoeuvrable. With the Gazelle Cityzen Speed, Gazelle offers a stable, fast e-bike that allows you to whizz past traffic jams. Enjoy starting your day with a ride to work and then sit fresher behind your desk. With a Gazelle high speed e-bike, you can easily cover long distances without arriving at work bathed in sweat. The disc brakes ensure that you stop in time should you have to go into the anchors.

Gazelle bikes

Gazelle bikes have been a common sight on Dutch roads for more than a hundred years. A Gazelle bike guarantees quality and durability, with a nice dose of Dutch DNA. There is a huge choice of Gazelle bikes. Well-known names such as the Gazelle Orange, Gazelle Chamonix, Gazelle Ultimate, or the Gazelle Grenoble are part of the wide range. Of course, you can also come to us for a Gazelle e-bike, with a wide choice of popular models such as the Gazelle Orange C8, Gazelle Grenoble C8 HMB, Gazelle Ultimate C8 Plus HMB and more. For an electric bike, too, Gazelle is the right choice. Looking for a new bike made in the Netherlands? Buy a Gazelle bike easily, safely and quickly at Mantel.

Gazelle City Bike

Gazelle city bikes have been part of the Dutch street scene for years. Gazelle's range includes something for everyone: from the classic Gazelle Orange C7 to the sporty Gazelle Chamonix. They are also often available in different versions to suit everyone's needs. For example, the Gazelle Orange comes as the Orange C7 Plus, or even the Gazelle Orange C7 Plus HMB- a true Gazelle e-bike. If you want a slightly older style, then the Gazelle van Stael is just the thing. The classic, sporty steel frame is inspired by the famous Gazelle Tour de France, but with a low weight and modern touches like the hub gears.

Gazelle Transport Bikes

Looking for a slightly tougher bike or want to be able to take a lot with you? Then the Gazelle transport-bikes are ideal for you. The Gazelle Heavy Duty is a lightweight but capable of carrying heavy loads. Available as both a men's and women's bike, the Gazelle Heavy Duty has both a front carrier and a rear carrier. There's also the Gazelle Heavy Duty C7 HMB, the electric Gazelle bike for that extra bit of support when you've charged heavily. With a Gazelle Heavy Duty, you can take the kids to school in the morning, then stock up at the supermarket, or just ride to work smoothly thanks to the hub gears and lightweight frame.

Gazelle Family bikes

A family bike is the hard worker of the family. Family bikes are bikes with some extra space for child seats, so the youngest can just be taken to school on the bike. The low-entry frame is also extra low so you can easily get on board with full bags and two children on the back. The Gazelle Bloom is a prime example: low-maintenance, wide handlebars, and, with 7 gears, capable of a relaxed ride even when fully loaded.

Gazelle Hybrid Bikes

Gazelle hybrid bikes are sporty all-rounders. From commuting to weekends away, a hybrid bike will do the job. A lightweight aluminium frame, sporty seat, derailleur gears and possibly a suspension fork characterise these bikes. Great examples are the Gazelle Vento, Gazelle Cityzen and the Gazelle Chamonix. Simply attach a few panniers on the back and head out, or put a front carrier on the front fork and really take a lot of luggage with you. Bike holidays are even perfectly possible. The derailleur gearing allows you to engage a huge range of gears. This way you will get everywhere above not only in the Netherlands but also beyond!