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Mountain Bikes


A mountain bike, often abbreviated to MTB, is made to ride on any terrain. There are two types of mountain bikes: hardtail and full suspension. Whether you're looking for a hardtail mountain bike, a full suspension mountain bike (Fully) or a women's mountain bike, we've got it for you! We also have electric mountain bikes. For every mountain biker we offer the right mountain bike so you can go out and discover the most beautiful MTB routes.

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Want to buy a Mountain Bike? These are the kinds of MTB there are.

Inexpensive mountain bikes don’t fall short that much in terms of performance compared to the more expensive mountain bikes. Whether you’re looking for a hardtail mountain bike or a full-suspension MTB, you get a lot of functionality for your money in any price range. The women’s mountain bikes category is also growing and becoming ever more professional. Offering a women-specific mountain bike is no longer exceptional for most major manufacturers these days. Many people traditionally call a mountain bike an ATB which stands for all terrain bike, so that's just the same bike.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Most first-time mountain bikers start out on a hardtail MTB. These only have front fork suspension and are rigid at the rear of the frame. Hence the name “hardtail”. For most rides around hilly terrain or forests, a hardtail will do. Do you often travel abroad or live in a mountainous area? A full suspension mountain bike might be a better choice then, particularly if you often push the limits of your bike or take to really challenging terrain.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

A full suspension mountain bike doesn’t just have front fork suspension, but a suspended rear end as well. This suspension is often referred to as the rear damper, or shock. This allows your rear wheel to move independently as well, maintaining contact with the ground, providing you with more grip and allowing you to turn sharper. Not only will your mountain bike be more comfortable to ride, you also have more control!

Women-Specific Mountain Bikes

The women-specific mountain bikes are relatively new. Thanks to the altered frame geometry which has been developed to suit women in specific, most female riders will be able to enjoy mountain biking a lot more on a women-specific mountain bike.

Inexpensive Mountain Bike or a More Expensive MTB?

More expensive mountain bikes will get you noticeably better equipment and materials. Particularly the front fork suspension and dampers as well as the groupsets really make a difference. Really go all-in, and carbon MTB’s are become commonplace as well. That doesn’t mean that the less expensive MTB’s in our collection are of poor quality. Do you demand a little more performance from your mountain bike? Then you’ll quickly end up with a higher price class bike. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds however. Even the most demanding mountain bikers can get a nicely specced and equipped full suspension mountain bike or hardtail mtb for under 2000 pounds and take to the trails and mountains in style.