Selection Guide Mountain Bikes

Selection Guide Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes


A mountain bike, often abbreviated to MTB, is made to ride on any terrain. There are two types of mountain bikes: hardtail and full suspension. Whether you're looking for a hardtail mountain bike, a full suspension mountain bike (Fully) or a women-specific mountain bike, we've got it for you! We also offer electric mountain bikes. For every mountain biker we offer the right bike to go out and discover the greatest MTB routes.

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Trek Marlin 7

RRP 924,-

Trek X-Caliber 9

RRP 1.649,-

Cube Reaction C:62 Pro

RRP 1.899,-

Scott Scale 930 Mountain Bike

RRP 2.199,-

Bulls Pulsar Eco 27.5

RRP 549,-

Scott Scale 980

RRP 999,-

Trek Supercaliber 9.7

RRP 5.199,-

Trek Procaliber 9.7

RRP 3.599,-

Cube Reaction C:62 Race

RRP 2.199,-

Trek Procaliber 9.5

RRP 2.049,-

Scott Aspect 930

RRP 949,-

Trek Marlin 8

RRP 1.024,-

Trek X-Caliber 8

RRP 1.349,-

Cube Aim SL

RRP 749,-

Cube Attention

RRP 949,-

Scott Spark 960

RRP 2.999,-

Bulls Wildtail 2 Disc 29

RRP 749,95
Warehouse sale

Scott Scale 940

RRP 1.899,-

Cube Reaction Pro 2023

RRP 1.399,-

Scott Scale 940 2023

RRP 2.199,-

Lapierre PRORACE 4.9 48L

RRP 1.699,-

Cannondale Trail SL 3

RRP 1.399,-

Cube Analog 2023

RRP 899,-

Scott Aspect eRide 940

RRP 2.799,-

BMC Twostroke 01 Five

RRP 2.499,-

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Mountain Bikes | View our MTBs of the best brands!

Today, cheap mountain bikes are no longer as inferior as the more expensive MTBs. Whether you are looking for a hardtail mountain bike or a full suspension mountain bike, you will get good value for money in every price range. Mountain bikes for women are also becoming increasingly popular and professional. Of course, we also have a wide range of mountain bikes for men. Many people call a mountain bike an ATB, which stands for All Terrain Bike, so an ATB bike is simply a mountain bike.
Many people call a mountain bike an ATB, which stands for all terrain bike, so an ATB bike is just a mountain bike.

Which mountain bike brands do we sell?

In our product range you will find the best mountain bike brands, such as Cube MTB, Trek MTB or Giant MTB. So would you like to buy a MTB? Below you will find all the MTB brands in our range:

Which mountain bike is right for me?

Whether you need a hardtail mountain bike or a full suspension MTB depends, among other things, on the terrain you want to ride on. XC mountain bikes are the most popular mountain bikes. Nevertheless, we also sell MTBs for other disciplines.Below, you can read what hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes actually are. Are you looking for a children's mountain bike? We also have those in our assortment!

What is an electric mountain bike?

Do you want to go just a little bit faster than the rest and have the fastest and best mountain bike? Then a electric mountain bike might be right for you. With an electric mountain bike, you can easily conquer any climb. We sell electric mountain bikes full suspension and hardtail. Do you want to buy an electric mountain bike? The following electric mountain bikes are part of our product range:

What is a hardtail MTB?

Most novice mountain bikers start on a hardtail-mountain-bike. These bikes only have suspension in the front fork and are fixed at the back, hence the name hardtail. For most trails, a hardtail is sufficient. Do you often ride abroad or do you live in hilly areas? Especially if you demand more from your bike or ride on challenging terrain, a full suspension MTB might be a better choice.

What is a full suspension mountain bike?

A full suspension MTB not only has front fork suspension, but also rear suspension. This is often called a damper. This ensures that your rear wheel also springs along. This keeps your wheel in better contact with the ground and therefore you have more grip and you can steer sharper. Full suspension mountain bikes are therefore not only more comfortable, but you also get more control!

What frame size mountain bike should I get?

The frame size you need depends on your height. When you enter your body size on our site, the right mountain bike size will be selected for you. Do you want the best, personal advice? Then we recommend you to visit our Superstores for the best frame size for your mountain bike.

Which wheel size is right for me?

When you start mountain biking, you may not know what wheel size you should choose for your MTB. In general, you can say: the bigger the tyre, the faster you can ride. In general, adult bikes with smaller frame sizes come with 27,5" wheels while bigger frame sizes usually come with 29ers. We sell the following wheel sizes:

What is the difference between a cheap mountain bike and a more expensive MTB?

Especially with mountain bikes, if you buy a more expensive mountain bike, you get noticeably better materials. Especially the suspension in the front forks and dampers and the gear groups make a difference. If you want the best of the best, a carbon MTB is no exception. That doesn't mean that the cheap MTBs you find in our shop are not of good quality.
Do you want more performance from your mountain bike? Then you will soon find yourself in a higher segment. Fortunately, this does not mean that you will have to spend thousands of euros. Even the most demanding mountain biker can take to the woods and mountains for less than 2000 euros with a fully equipped full suspension mountain bike or hardtail MTB.

What is a specific women's mountain bike model?

The women's mountain bikes are relatively new. Mountain biking among women has become increasingly popular in recent years, and manufacturers have cleverly anticipated this. Thanks to a special geometry that is better suited to the female body, many women find it easier to mountain bike. Our range includes the following brands of women's MTBs: