Electric Mountain Bikes


Electric mountain bikes are for mountain bikers and adventurers who want to go a little faster. There are several variants, from fast full suspension to hardtail e-mountain bikes. The electric mountain bike is hot and gives a whole new dimension to the mountain bike discipline. Do you want to effortlessly conquer steep climbs? Or easily keep up with a fast group? Then the electric mountain bike is really something for you!

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Mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular. More and more people know how to find their way to the woods with their bikes. Not only the normal mountain bikes are selling a lot, but electric mountain bikes are also increasingly popular. If you get pedal assistance in your drivetrain then your mountain bike is electric. We offer a wide range of e-mountain bikes, so you can always come to the right choice with us!

What is an electric mountain bike?

Do you love biking through the woods, but have been finding it increasingly difficult lately? Then your best bet is to buy an electric mountain bike. An e mountain bike gives you extra pedal assistance through an electric drivetrain. So with an electric MTB, you can brave the steep slopes in the woods just that little bit faster and easier. This way, you can still enjoy beautiful mountain bike adventures when you are older.

What types of electric mountain bikes are there?"

As with normal mountain bikes, there are also different types of electric mountain bikes. You can divide e mountain bikes into two categories, namely: hardtail and full suspension electric mountain bikes. A hardtail mountain bike is the lighter type of mountain bikes that is perfect for cross-country use. If you cycle more often on rougher terrain, a full suspension mountain bike is perfect. Whereas the hardtail only has front suspension, a full suspension mountain bike also has rear suspension. This allows your bike to absorb the biggest hits when the trail gets more technical.

What is the best electric mountain bike?

Exactly what is the best electric mountain bike is hard to say. It obviously depends on your preferences and spending budget. However, we have done our utmost to compile a nice assortment of brands. This way, you will always come to the best electric MTB choice for yourself! The brands we sell, among others, are:

Are there any electric mountainbikes for women?

Of course, in our electric mountain bike range in terms of frame sizes, we have also considered the ladies. As the average woman is smaller than men, we have also included smaller frame sizes. This means that women can also buy a suitable electric MTB from us. So don't wait any longer and buy that electric mountain bike for women!