Gazelle Ultimate

The Gazelle Ultimate is the eye-catcher of the Gazelle collection. Design, performance and comfort are the key elements of the Gazelle Ultimate family. These recreational and sporty bicycles have a lightweight aluminium frame and high-quality components. The Gazelle Ultimate is also available as an electric bicycle with a mid-motor.
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Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB Electric Bike

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Gazelle Ultimate electric city bike series

The Ultimate series is Gazelle's flagship in the brand’s electric bikes range. The name, ‘Ultimate’, was not chosen at random: this e-bike gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. With a large range, a high level of comfort, a sporty appearance as well as sporty handling, it takes you further than you ever expected to go on a bike.

Innovative and dynamic

The Gazelle Ultimate series takes on a dynamic character with its high level of integration. Not only is the 500Wh intube battery nicely integrated for perfect weight distribution, the cables are also nicely routed through the frame. Finally, Gazelle always succeeds in concealing the Bosch mid-drive motor very neatly. All this ensures that the Gazelle Ultimate e-bikes have an innovative, dynamic and sporty design.

A comfortable ride

With the Gazelle Ultimate e-bike, bumps and potholes will no longer bother you because the 47 mm wide tyres and the suspension fork offer plenty of dampening. Both the headset suspension and the version with two suspension fork arms provide a lot of comfort. The frame is extremely stiff, which makes for highly responsive handling. The geometry ensures a sitting position with a dual focus on sporty yet comfortable cycling. This makes the Gazelle Ultimate suitable for a wide audience.

For all your rides

What makes the Gazelle Ultimate e-bikes truly great is their versatile nature. They give you plenty of comfort and power for nice touring rides. And they have mounting points for bottle holders. If you want to bring luggage or use your e-bike to do the daily shopping, you can also easily mount panniers. Whether you choose a version with a belt drive or a chain, with hub gears or derailleurs - your Gazelle Ultimate comes out of the store ready to ride: simply hop on and off you go!