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When the weather is good, an electric cargo bike is the most environmentally friendly alternative to the car. You can park almost anywhere for free and the cargo box gives you enough room to carry both the shopping and the children around.

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Electric Cargo Bikes - The Best Alternative to a Car!

There is almost no way around it any more, electric cargo bikes are dominating the streetscape more and more. No wonder. After all, an electric cargo bike is the ideal way to transport your children or groceries. Thanks to this sustainable solution, you can leave your car on your driveway more often. And that saves money! Are you interested in an electric cargo bike? Then base your choice on the frequently asked questions below!

What is an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike is an electric bike with a box at the front, in which you can carry your luggage and even your children. Shopping and taking the kids to school has never been easier or more sustainable. A cargo bike is the environmentally-friendly alternative to a car. If you have a lot of children to take to school or a lot of shopping to do, a non-electric cargo bike can be rather cumbersome. An electric cargo bike is the perfect solution for this. With an electric cargo bike you have all the advantages of a cargo bike and you can bike easier thanks to the electric pedal assistance.

What are the advantages of an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike has numerous advantages over the car or a normal cargo bike. Thanks to its electric pedal assistance, getting from A to B really becomes a piece of cake. Does your child's friend want to come along to play? No problem at all! Paid parking is also a thing of the past with an electric cargo bike. In fact, you can park your electric cargo bike anywhere for free. You will definitely appreciating this in your bank account at the end of every month. Besides the practical advantages, children just think cargo bikes are super fun. They enjoy being outside and can be taken to school easily and quickly. What child doesn't want that?

What brands offer electric cargo bikes?

I you shop with us, you can be sure that you will buy an electric cargo bike of excellent quality that you can safely transport your children in. Safety first! The brands that we have are available are:

What is the advantage of a belt drive electric cargo bike?

In our range of electric cargo bikes, you can choose between two types of drivetrain. Of course, we have bikes with the old and familiar bike chain, but we also have some models that feature a belt drive. This relatively new form of drivetrain has some advantages over a regular chain. Namely, a belt drive is much more maintenance-friendly because you never have to lubricate it. In addition, an electric cargo bike with a belt drive is a lot quieter. Because the belt drive lasts longer, the purchase price is a bit more expensive, but you will have earned it back in no time considering the low maintenance costs.

What range should my e-bike have?

An e-bike's range says everything about how far you can cycle on a full battery. The better your battery, the longer the maximum range is and the longer you can go without recharging. It all depends on your needs. You can choose between:

How powerful should the motor of my electric cargo bike be?

The power of your electric cargo bike's motor says everything about how much electric pedal assistance the cargo bike can give you. It is expressed in Newton metres (Nm). The required power of the motor strongly depends on which environment you usually cycle in. We recommend using a strong motor on tougher terrain. There are a couple different motor versions to choose from:

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