Cube bikes are known for their good quality at a very friendly price. Cube road bikes and Cube mountain bikes are also increasingly seen among the pros. Cube's bikes are very suitable for both advanced and novice mountain bikers and road cyclists. And with the increasing popularity of gravel bikes, you can also turn to the German brand for a good Cube gravel bike. As the icing on the cake, you can also rely on them for a Cube electric bike. Do you want a Cube bike? Then take a look at our product range!
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Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 Electric Mountain Bike

RRP 2.799,-
Our choice of hardtail e-mountain bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Reaction C:62 Pro

RRP 1.999,-
Our choice of a mid-range hardtail mountain bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Attain Pro

Our choice for an entry-level comfortable road bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Analog

RRP 899,-
Our choice of an entry-level hardtail mountain bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Nulane Pro

RRP 1.099,-
Our choice of fitness bike
Mantel's choice

Cube Agree C:62 Pro

RRP 3.299,-

Cube Nuroad Pro

RRP 1.199,-

Cube Nuroad FE

RRP 1.049,-

Cube Attain GTC Race

RRP 1.949,-

Cube Nuroad Pro FE

RRP 1.399,-

Cube Axial WS

RRP 949,-

Cube Attain Race

RRP 1.199,-

Cube Touring Hybrid Bike

RRP 799,-
Top Deal

Cube Hyde Pro

RRP 1.099,-

Cube Attention

RRP 999,-

Cube Stereo One22 Pro

RRP 1.999,-

Cube Reaction C:62 One

RRP 1.649,-
Top Deal

Cube Touring Hybrid Bike

RRP 749,-

Cube Access WS EAZ

RRP 649,-

Cube Cross Race

RRP 1.249,-

Cube Cross Race Pro

RRP 1.649,-

Cube Nulane

RRP 899,-

Cube Axial WS Race

RRP 1.649,-

Cube Attention SLX

RRP 1.099,-

Cube Agree C:62 SLX

RRP 4.399,-

Cube Bikes | City, Road, MTB | Great selection

Cube bikes can trace their roots back to Germany. Cube bikes are known for their unbeatable price-quality ratio. You can easily buy a high-quality Cube bike for a very affordable price. Cube started with the production of Cube mountain bikes, but nowadays, you can also turn to the German brand for a Cube road bike, Cube e-bike or a Cube city bike.

Which Cube mountain bike is right for me?

A Cube mountain bike allows you to conquer the highest mountains and roughest trails. The wide collection of Cube mountain bikes always includes a bike that suits your riding style. Are you a cross-country rider or more of a technical enduro rider? Everything is possible with a Cube MTB! Cube has a number of popular mountain bikes. We have popular bikes like: In addition, we offer many more Cube mountain bikes from different collections. No matter which Cube MTB you buy, you will always get a good mountain bike for a great price. The special thing about Cube is that they also have special mountain bikes for women. The Cube Access WS mountain bikes are geometrically designed for the female body. This means that Cube has a suitable MTB in its range for both men and women. So are you looking for a ladies mountain bike? Then take a look at our Cube mountain bikes for women!

What Cube road bikes are there?

A Cube road bike will help you achieve your goals, whether your main aim is to rack up the miles, race, or simply take in a few hours of sun on a free afternoon. Cube bikes are lightweight, well-built, well-equipped and very attractively priced. Choose what suits you: an enduro road bike, comfort road bike, or a real competition road bike. At Cube, there is something for everyone! Cube has several racing bikes in its range. 

The most popular racing bikes are the Cube Attain and the Cube Agree C62. The Cube Attain is a great first road bike for beginners who want to make their first KM's on the road. The Cube road bikes in the Agree series are focused on 1 goal: combining speed and comfort. The geometry is a bit more aggressive, the frames a bit stiffer, but they are certainly not uncomfortable! 

Do you want a Cube Road bike made for women? Then a Cube Axial WS racing bike might be something for you. This Cube road bike for women has a frame size and adjustment that is specially designed for the needs of women. The Cube women's road bikes have narrower handlebars for less broad shoulders and a slightly wider saddle to compensate for the larger seat bone width. The shorter top tube and slightly longer head tube provide you with a comfortable sitting position, which reduces the pressure on the pelvis and shoulders. This allows you to enjoy hours of comfortable cycling!

Is there a suitable Cube e-bike for me?

Cube bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Of course you can also buy a suitable Cube electric bicycle. Cube e-bikes are among the hybrid-bikes, because they have a sporty seating position and are equipped with sufficient gears. This makes Cube e-bikes ideal for commuting to work and for hilly terrain. Cube's two leading e-bikes are the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 and the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500. Both the Cube Kathmandu and the Cube Touring are equipped with a very wide gear range and have a sporty geometry. So with both bikes, you can easily explore hilly areas and get from A to B quickly. Perfect for commuting to work!

Does Cube offer gravel bikes?

Cube also haven't overlooked the increasing popularity of gravel bikes either. That's why we have a wide range of Cube gravel bikes. With a Cube gravel bike you get the best of both worlds. With a gravel bike you can ride on the road, but also in the woods, thanks to wider tyres. Cube gravel bikes are part of the Cube Nuroad series. If you buy a Cube gravel bike, you know for sure that you are buying a bike of good quality at a good price. The Cube Nuroad series includes the following gravel bikes: So is there a Cube gravel bike for women? Yes there is, the Cube Nuroad WS gravel bike is specially tailored to the female body.