Cortina U4


The Cortina U4 is Cortina's most popular city bike. This powerhouse is available as a girl's bike and as a boy's bike, and the Cortina U4 transport bike is also very popular. So, whether you're looking for a reliable bike for cycling to and from school or work, or for a sturdy bike for grocery shopping, with the Cortina U4 you get a beautiful all-round city bike that you'll enjoy for many years.

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Cortina U4

The Cortina U4 is one of the most populair city bikes in the Netherlands. As with all Cortina city bikes, this series is very robust and really made for our Dutch weather. The base of the Cortina U4 is the transport bike model. The extremely solid design of the ancient Dutch transport bike is clearly reflected in all models, from transport bikes for men to the boys' and girls' bikes in this series. And of course you can also get a sturdy mother's or family bike to take all those heavy groceries with you.

Transport bikes for men

The men can choose from three different models of Cortina U4 transport bikes. The basic transport bike is the Cortina U4 Transport. Do you want a more luxurious version? Then the Cortina U4 Transport DeLuxe your bike. Do you really want a beautiful bike? Then the Cortina U4 Denim is the ideal bike for you. This transport bike is beautifully finished and rides and feels great.

Transport bike for ladies

Also the ladies can get their own Cortina U4 transport bike. Of course just as solid and comfortable as the men's bikes. For every men's variant of the Cortina bicycles there is a ladies variant available. So whether you want the Cortina U4 Transport DeLuxe or the 'regular' Cortina U4 Transport, anything is possible.

Carriage bike for children

Everywhere at Cortina they forget the boy bikes and the girls bikes as well. In fact. Both boys and girls have their own series of transport bikes. Just as robust as the adult version, but with the thought in mind that as s teenager you want to have a bit of fun. So lots of different colours and lots of fun detailling will make even the most critical teenager happy with a Cortina U4.

Why a Cortina U4?

Cortina has been making great and solid city bikes for years and you see them more and more frequently in the cityscape. Because of their good quality and solid frames, all bicycles of this top notch brand are and remain very populair. At Cortina they also find it important to give their bikes a god dose of fashion and a trendy shape. So do you like trendy colours and good design? Then Cortina is the right place for you.