Floor Pumps


Once you've replaced your old floor pump for a new one, you usually wonder why you haven't done this earlier. The bicycle pumps in the Mantel range have proven themselves time and again! Inflate your race tyre with ease, or pump up your large volume tyres with a mountain bike pump. We also offer the classics, such as the Jumbo floor pump and Rennkompressor.

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BBB Cycling AirBoost 2.0 BFP-28 Floor Pump

RRP 34,95
Our choice for an all-round floor pump
Mantel's choice

Lezyne Mantel Dual Floor Drive Floor Pump

RRP 39,95
Our choice for a floor pump with the best value for money
Mantel's choice

Lezyne Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump

RRP 149,95
Our choice for a tubeless floor pump
Mantel's choice

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