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Good MTB wheels can make a considerable difference to any mountain bike. Good mountain bike wheels are lighter, stronger, stiffer. They make climbing easier and give you better control on challenging descents. With a set of tubeless MTB wheels you can get the most out of your ride. You'll go faster with less rolling resistance, much more puncture resistance, and even more comfort!
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Mavic Crossmax XL S 29 MTB Wheels

RRP 850,-
Our choice for a reliable Enduro wheelset
Mantel's choice

DT Swiss X 1900 Spline 25 MTB Wheels

RRP 188,95
From 179,-

DT Swiss E1900 Spline 30 MTB Wheels

RRP 188,95
From 149,95

DT Swiss XRC1501 Spline 30 MTB Wheels

RRP 718,95
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Shimano WH-M8120 DEORE XT MTB Wheels

RRP 259,-
From 179,-
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My MTB has a quick release axle system. Which wheels will fit my bike?

The following wheels that are suitable for QR as standard. Note that these are different wheel sizes from 26 to 29 inches. There are also conversion kit available, with which some thru-axle wheels can be converted to QR. These adapters can be found here.

Do MTB wheels come as a set or separately?

In principle, wheels are always offered as a set. With certain brands such as DT Swiss, Shimano, Zipp or Bontrager you have the choice of ordering a separate front, rear wheel or set.

What tyre width will fit my new MTB wheels?

We have determined the most suitable tyre sizes for all wheels, based on their internal rim width. We have mountain bike wheels with internal rim widths ranging from 19 mm to 30 mm. The 'Mantel Recommended Tyre Widths' are our own advice where we assume the most optimal fit for the best ride characteristics. Attributes such as stability, comfort and aerodynamics are taken into account here. You can also see which tyre widths the manufacturer recommends. This is usually a wider range than our own recommended tyre width, because our own advice assumes the most optimal.

What hubs will fit my mountain bike?

This depends on the bike; for most bikes, this is described on the dealer/manufacturer's website or in the bike's manual. If you cannot find this, you can also measure this fitting width yourself. First measure the space between your fork's legs. Then measure the thickness of the axle. Now you know that your axle-system width is, for example, 100 x 5 mm, 100 x 15 mm or 110 x 15 mm. Then measure the rear hub spacing and the diameter of the axle. Common results are 135 x 5 mm, 142 x 12 mm, or 148 x 12 mm.

Do you have quick release adapters?

Some wheels suitable for thru-axles can also be made suitable for quick-release wheels. Some need optional adapters, some don't (as they may be included with the wheels). Here you will find an overview of our current range of adapters. Please note the brand of wheel and model/version.

What is the maximum weight for these MTB wheels?

The total weight a wheelset can handle is the weight of your bike, pack and rider added together. This information can be found in the specifications of the wheels.

What MTB wheels can you recommend?

It depends on what you want to do with it, your goals, the terrain and your budget. You can find more information in this buying guide.

Which rotors will fit my MTB wheels?

Rotors can have a centerlock or 6-bolt mounting. In the specifications, you can find which mounting the wheelset has. With an adapter it is possible to use a 6-hole rotor on a wheel with a fitting for centerlock rotors.