MTB Wheels

Good MTB wheels are important for a comfortable and safe ride on your mountain bike. Depending on your discipline you need different types of mountain bike wheels. Light mountain bike wheels are ideal for cross country or marathon. Are you an enduro rider or downhill fan? In that case, weight is less important, but you'll definitely want the toughest mountain bike wheels. Aside from the different types of MTB wheels for different MTB disciplines, you can also chooses between different wheel sizes, namely 26, 27.5 and 29 inch MTB wheels. Generally, 26 inch mountain bike wheels are becoming less and less common. 29 inch MTB wheels have become the standard for many mountain bikes. In recent years, 27.5 inch mountain bike wheels have become more common as well.
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Bontrager Kovee Pro 30 Carbon TLR Boost MTB Wheels
619,99 From 557,99
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Bontrager Line Comp 30 TLR Boost MTB Wheels
139,99 125,99
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Mavic Crossmax Elite MTB Wheels
599,00 459,00

Mavic Crossmax SL 29 MTB Wheels
500,00 From 449,00

Bontrager Line Pro 40 Carbon TLR Boost MTB Wheels
579,99 From 521,99
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Mavic Crossride FTS-X MTB Wheels
104,00 From 99,00

Bontrager Kovee Elite 30 Carbon TLR Boost MTB Wheels
359,99 From 329,00
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Scope R2.O MTB Wheels
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee