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A turbo trainer allows you to train all year long. A smart turbo trainer even allows you to pair your trainer with your computer for a more realistic cycling experience with Zwift, for example. There are many types and models to choose from, ranging from simple rollers to smart turbo trainers that can simulate a bumpy cobblestone ride. Tacx and Wahoo turbo trainers are particularly popular. A turbo trainer is suited for any road cyclist or mountain biker. By pairing your trainer with interactive software even the dullest endurance training session becomes great fun. We also offer many turbo trainer accessories to complete your training experience.
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Wahoo KICKR Core Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
From 594,67
RRP 772,59
Winter weeks

Elite Direto XR-T Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
RRP 826,61
Winter weeks

Tacx Neo 2T Smart T2875 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
RRP 1.256,06
Winter weeks

Wahoo Kickr V6 Direct Drive Turbo Trainer
From 1.062,67
RRP 1.256,06
Winter weeks

Tacx Boost Bundle Turbo Trainer
RRP 270,73

Tacx Boost Turbo Trainer
RRP 241,73

Tacx Neo Motion Plate
RRP 290,07

Wahoo Indoor Wahooligan Bundle
RRP 2.298,41

Tacx E-Thru Trainer axle
From 29,00
RRP 38,67

Tacx Galaxia T1100 Roller
RRP 240,77

Wahoo KICKR Headwind Fan
RRP 289,12

Garmin Sensor Pack
RRP 135,36

Wahoo KICKR Climb
RRP 675,89

Saris Thru Axle Adapter
RRP 58,02

Tacx SRAM XD-R Body T2805.81
RRP 125,69

Tacx Micro Spline Body
RRP 125,69

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What types of turbo trainers are there?

There are many different types of turbo trainers. For beginners, there are the bike rollers and the basic turbo trainers. These trainers cannot be linked to a digital programme, but you can simply train indoors with them. You also often use these turbo trainers with both wheels still in your bike. You also have smart trainers that you can link to all kinds of trainer software, such as Zwift. So you can get even more out of your workouts!

What is a direct drive trainer?

A direct drive turbo trainer is a trainer that is much more precise and where you hang your bike without a rear wheel. You can link a direct drive turbo trainer to all kinds of training software programmes. In addition, direct drive trainers can simulate a much higher gradient. This way, it's like cycling up the Alpe d'Huez for real! This makes training with a turbo trainer even more challenging.

What is a smart bike?

A smart bike gives you the most realistic and comfortable way to train indoors. You don't need your own road bike for this. Smart bikes are very quiet and they can simulate very high inclines. Of course, you can also link a smart bike to Zwift. If you're really looking for the ultimate in turbo trainers, a smart bike is for you!

What else do I need to use a turbo trainer?

It depends a bit on the kind of turbo trainer you have which kind of accessories you need. You can read exactly what you need for which turbo trainers in this blog!