Chain Cleaners


Chain cleaners are needed to clean your bike chain really well. A special liquid chain cleaner ensures that dirt and unnecessary chain oil or chain wax can be easily removed. Since it is very easy to use, cleaning your bike chain is really no longer a dirty job.

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Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Cleaner

RRP 38,67
From 26,06
Our choice of chain cleaner

Mantel Drivetrain Cleaner

From 9,62
Our choice for a clean drivetrain

CyclOn Bionet Degreaser

RRP 14,46
From 10,59

Dynamic Chain Cleaner

RRP 17,40
From 15,42

Muc-Off Bio Degreaser

RRP 13,78

CyclOn Plant-Based Chain Cleaner

RRP 19,29
From 17,36
Green choice

Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc

RRP 37,95

Dynamic Drivetrain Detox

RRP 17,40

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