Turbo Trainers

A turbo trainer allows you to train all year long. A smart turbo trainer even allows you to pair your trainer with your computer for a more realistic cycling experience with Zwift for example. Especially Tacx and Wahoo turbo trainers are popular. There's many different turbo trainers, from simple rollers to smart turbo trainers that can simulate a bumpy cobblestone ride. A turbo trainer is suited for any road biker or mountain biker. By pairing your trainer with interactive software even the dullest endurance training becomes a blast. There's also many turbo trainer accessories to complete your training experience.
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Elite Suito Turbo Trainer
584.50 From 506.90

Tacx Premium HD Card
From 34.70

Elite Direto X Turbo Trainer
709.90 From 574.60

Tacx E-Thru Trainer axle
25.10 From 22.00

Elite Turno Smart B+ Turbo Trainer
579.00 From 439.00

Tacx Trainer Mat T2910
58.40 42.30

Tacx Sweatcover T2930
16.70 16.00

Garmin Sensor Pack
117.10 110.00